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After a hiatus of several years, I have gotten back into quilting again and decided to a blog might be a good way to interact with other quilters.  A bit about my quilting journey:  I began quilting after getting quite ill and being hospitalized while in Israel on a special project, and ended up staying with a friend for several weeks while I was recovering.  She taught me to quilt by hand. Eventually I added machine piecing and quilting, and hand quilting was largely forgotten.   I enjoy almost the entire process of quilting — designing, choosing fabrics, seeing the quilt take shape as I piece, and quilting.  Probably the only parts I am not too thrilled with are basting and putting on bindings (though I now can do them entirely by machine, which does help).  The impetus for my return to quilting was my son’s graduation from high school and my desire to make him a quilt to bring to college.  Actually, I started the quilt quite a long time ago and it sat sandwiched and ready for most of his high school career.  Luckily for me, he decided to take a gap year and I now have the quilt ready to go.  It is a bit wrinkled from being folded up and has yet to be washed, but I consider it a finished project!

Here are some detailed pics.  Complete with stray threads, lint and dog hair..  Every time I put the quilt on the floor to mark quilting designs, I would find I had a helper testing it out.



I wonder how many people will recognize the quilting motif here...
I wonder how many people will recognize the quilting motifs here…

I hope that at least some quilters will recognize the Gallifreyan in the border quilting!  I used a Gallifreyan translator to quilt in some messages for him, some of them related to his or my favorite Doctor Who characters, actors, monsters or catch phases, and a few just messages from a mom to her son.  I hope he will take the time to translate them sometime and realize what I have done!

Here’s another picture of some detail.  Despite not liking binding, I thought it turned out fairly well. I used the method introduced in Ricky Tam’s video, Grande Finale.  I highly recommend the video!

Linking this to Let’s Bee Social since when I first posted this, I had about 1 follower and it got very few views!

I like the piping, and it is not nearly as hard as one would think!
I like the piping, and it is not nearly as hard as one would think!


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  1. Great finish. I quilted messages on my daughter’s going-to-college quilt but never thought of using anything but English. You are so clever! Congratulations.


  2. What a fabulous finish! Your son is going to love this quilt. Love the flanged binding. Looks like this quilt passed the testing. How sweet!


  3. Nice finish; the first patchwork quilt I saw in a photo was a log cabin.

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  4. What a beautiful quilt! The colors are very striking against that dark background. I hear yah on binding and basting. Not my favorites either!

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