Free Motion/Walking Foot Placemat #1, Quilted.

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had good holidays with friends and family.

I finished quilting the first of 5 walking foot/free motion placemats (probably, unless I decide to add some more quilting).   For this one, I focused on walking foot techniques from Modern Machine Quilting by Catherine Redford, particularly organic curves and matchstick quilting.  The only marking I did was for the placement of the channels in the four-patch blocks and for the initial curve in the organic quilting in the yellow section; other than that, no marking was needed.

I was surprised how easy it was to get evenly spaced almost-parallel lines even with curves, particularly for the 1/2″ spacing.  My first attempt at texture through organic curves was in the green section, using what I think of as ‘tree bark quilting’.  I think I should have marked my initial curve.  I also had some trouble seeing how wide I needed to go when I changed the curve direction and when tried to add additional lines to increase the quilting density.  Overall it was much easier the second time around in the yellow section, but I am wondering if I should add lines down the middle of each channel to give that section the same level of quilting density as in the rest of the quilt.

This was my first attempt at matchstick quilting as well.  I love the texture it added, but it took forever!  If I ever use this on a bigger quilt, it will be in very limited areas!  I also found in the smaller area, I needed to turn the quilt quite often.  With this placemat, it was not an issue, but if it were a lap quilt or bigger, I can imagine it would be quite troublesome.

Here’s the back of the placemat.  For the next one, I think I will try spirals, or possibly combine walking foot quilting with some free motion filler patterns.



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  1. Wow! Your quilting is wonderful! Nicely finishes the quilt. Hey, I could not reply to you via e-mail, but stay tuned for the binding blitz thing….


  2. That thing about turning being troublesome–my thoughts exactly. But I do love the look.


  3. Loving the “curvy straight lines”!


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