Spirals are hard. More adventures in Walking Foot/Free Motion Quilting

Placemat number 2 is quilted.  Spirals are hard!  And slow!  Modern Quilting suggests using a grid to help get the spiral right.  My original idea was spirals surrounded by free motion filler quilting, so I tried first without (luckily on a test square) and it did not go well!  So a grid it was.  My son actually really liked the look of the grid alone, but I wanted those spirals.  I still find the start hard, and if your spiral wobbles somewhere, you find yourself following that same wobbly line the next round, so more practice is needed.  At this stage I cannot imagine being able to use it on a large quilt where you are maneuvering large amounts of fabric.  Maybe as I become better at the technique, it will become more manageable.  The top section uses a free motion design I had never tried before.  I wanted curves to offset the hard lines of the grid.  It’s a very easy pattern, though I need more practice to use it more fluently.  I can imagine using it in a variety of quilts.



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  1. I like that quilting very much–never thought to combine grid and spiral. My first spiral attempt was not so round.


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