2015 Finish Along

I’m excited!  I learned that Adrienne at On the Windy Side is hosting the 2015 Finish Along.  It’s just a bit of extra motivation to finish projects that might otherwise languish unbound on my shelves.  Or have been languishing, as the case may be.

So here’s my list of proposed finishes (which is likely to get longer as it gets shorter…)

1.  My set of walking foot quilted placemats. Placemat 2 Currently 4/5 quilted, but none bound.  I am sure the quilting will be done soon.  So it’s just binding.  Squaring and binding.  Blocking, squaring and binding.  Did I mention what my least favorite parts of quilting are?  Add basting to that list. Actually, I have never blocked anything I have made, but since these are placemats that I hope to give to someone (probably my mom), it is important they lie flat.

It begins to look like a quilt.
It begins to look like a quilt.

2.  The Nightmare Quilt that I am making for a friend.  Oddly the picture in my media library seems to have disappeared. It is pieced but needs to be quilted, and of course bound, but since the pic of the completed top is missing, I’ll share the one that shows why it was named The Nightmare.

3.  The practice mini quilt that I made when I took a class with Diane Gaudynski many years ago.  It was just for practicing the various techniques she was teaching in the class, but looking at it now, it turned out pretty well!  It is fully quilted and even squared up.  It just needs binding.

4. My Kaleidoscope Path quilt, that I used for free motion practice.  It’s already quilted, and needs to be bound (and squared up and probably blocked).  Noticing a pattern here?

5.  My batik circle quilt, which really needs a name.  It is currently just a top.

I think for the moment, that is it.  I have a few other projects in mind, but maybe they should stay ideas until I finish up a few of these.



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  1. Good luck with your finishes!


  2. I see that binding isn’t your favorite part, eh? Good luck with your projects!


  3. You have some really nice projects here! Love the quilting on your placemats, and the nightmare quilt sure is striking.


  4. Good luck with your challenge. They will be wonderful pieces when finished!


  5. Wow – such a great list of wonderful projects! I see that binding isn’t your favourite part – maybe trying a different method on some of these quilts could help keep you motivated and maybe even find a love for binding. Good luck getting through your list 🙂


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