A Lovely Year of Finishes

I learned about the Lovely Year of Finishes at the Sew BitterSweet, and I am joining up.  The rule is, you have to choose one project at the beginning of the month, and finish it by the end.  Yup, the one you promised to finish.  This month is going to be a difficult one for quilting for me. I am away 18 of the first 20 days of the month, and I will probably have 3-5 days of day trips and overnights to finish up the month as well.  When I am home, I will be catching up with all the things that pile up despite the miracles of technology, so I am making my goal very modest.  I debated between two projects. One is my Kaleidoscope Paths quilt, which is quilted, trimmed and ready for binding.  Kaleidoscope is an older project, and I would like to get it off the WIP list.  The other is one of my 5 free motion placemats, 4 of which are quilted but need to be blocked and squared up to get ready for binding.  It would be a smaller project , and I am on a roll with them so I am enthusiastic about seeing the final products.  Plus I want to give them to my mom in February.

And the winner is….

…Placemats.  At least one, bound and ready to gift.  With luck, it will inspire me to finish the other 4, too.




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  1. I love the quilting you’ve done so far on this placemat… it looks like ripples in the sand. Sending best wishes for you to finish it and the other placemats.

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  2. I am so glad you visited my blog, and I hope to see some of your pretty quilts this year! Happy New Year!!


  3. Thank you for posting to umpteenthings, at last I feel I am getting somewhere. I am into all kinds of crafts. In my hut I am working on encaustic wax I managed some Christmas cards this last year , but blogging is taking its toll on my time. I am also making clay canes on an Internet project site. I will follow your blog, your quilting looks so professional!


    • I hope you post some pictures of your projects on your blog as well, I would love to see them. Blogging can be quite absorbing — I have spent enormous amounts of time on some of the Blogging 101 assignments! Hopefully it all leads to a better blog though 🙂


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