Glimpses and Musings

Yamaguchi, JapanMy last post was filled with pictures of some of the amazing meals I had in Japan over the New Year.  Don’t worry, I am not generally in the habit of posting pictures of my food, so your blog stream won’t be filled with pictures of my every meal.  I do, however, do a lot of traveling, which keeps me away from quilting but lets me see some amazing places and work with even more amazing people.  While I am away from quilty things, I thought I would occasionally post some pictures that offer glimpses into life elsewhere, and even more occasionally I suspect, share some thoughts stimulated by my trips.  You’ll find those posts under the Glimpses and Musings categories.



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  1. I really like the placemat. Is the design your own?


    • Thanks! I did not work from a pattern, so I guess it counts as my design — though doubtless inspired by countless quilts I had seen. And the quilting was all my own idea. I love putting together blocks and enhancing them with another layer of design through the quilting.


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