One Time Underwater: Glimpses from China

This hotel room service menu has so much to recommend it, it is hard to know what to focus on, but i think my favorite has to be the One-Time Underwater! Would you like some roaisted beet noodle one bowl? Or perhaps one-time underwater for your snoring partner? Or maybe you would like a poker to deal with that annoying roommate.

One Time UnderwaterFor those who are curious, the correct translation for poker is a deck of cards, and one-time underwater is: one-time use underwear…a bit of an oddity by itself!  Many years ago, I remember hearing from a funding agency I know that they had gotten a proposal for a rural development project to build a factory to make one-time underwear as a means of developing the region.   As a strategy for rural development, I have profound doubt.  But, I do remember that one time my brother and sister-in-law went to visit my mom with their 3 kids, all under 8 at the time.  They were running late, my brother got bumped from the flight, his suitcase got lost…and when they finally got to my mom’s, my sister-in-law discovered that she had not packed any underwear for the kids!  One-time underwear might come in useful after all.

Right outside my room, I found some great quilt inspiration.   Can’t you just see that as a quilt, or a quilting pattern?



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  1. That would make a wonderful quilt pattern


  2. Ha, ha! Very amusing!! And I agree, that would make a fab quilt.


  3. I love the way you told this amusing travel/culture/”lost-in-translation” back story to finding inspiration for a quilt!

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  4. the one time under-waters are often given out when you go have a massage and bath and body scrub…. like a one sex only bath room, then exfoliation – then the one time underwaters (lol) with pyjamas ( that get washed and reused) then up the flights of stairs to a back massage, then a foot and head massage…… pure BLISS!



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