Two Down!

My first two finishes of the year.  Two of my placemats are now bound and waiting for the others.


These two placemats are part of a series trying out walking foot quilting techniques from Catherine Redford‘s book Modern Machine Quilting.  I really enjoyed the video and I think it has definitely expanded my quilting repertoire.

I used some new binding methods.  I have tried a few quilts with piped binding using a method from Ricky Tims, and it has become my go-to method, but it is pretty involved.  You make the piping with (pearl cotton inside) and binding strips, sew them together, trim to the width you want (great for accuracy!), cut the piping+binding strips to the size of your quilt sides and then some, and sew each side separately, then finish the 4 corners.  You get an accurate and good looking binding, but as I said, it’s rather involved.  So for this set of placemats I used a fake piping using the method shared at Ellyn’s Place.  Much easier!  Perhaps not quite so accurate in binding width, but still quite reasonable, and far fewer steps!.


Joining the ends.  I know I used to do this, but this time it was a nightmare, possibly because I did not leave enough length at the ends on the first one.  I tried a different approach on each of the placemats and am not thrilled with either of them.  For my next try, I am making a long enough two-tone binding to go around the entire placemat, but I will stop and start at a corner and use Ricky Tim’s method for the corners. Let’s see how that goes.  I also have a plan for facing my Kaleidoscope wall hanging.  That should be fun to try.

Linking up to my goal list for the 1st quarter Finish Along



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  1. Hi,
    I am a craftoholic, I am really good at spotting something I have not done before. I give it my best shot and then move on.
    Hence I have only ever done quilting once. A pair of block quilted cushions. I treasured them until the mice made a nest in them . Just as well we have just moved out of our polytunnel dining room!

    I learned to sew in the 50’s , my mum made all my clothes( I could really milk this topic I remember hating some of them lol) and this one too… My grandma was a seamstress 😉

    Anyway what I was trying to say was I love the idea of ‘fake piping’ .

    Ps if I may say.. The red on purple dazzles a bit.


    • Quilting is the only sewing I do! Thank god my mom never tried to make me clothes lol. I do love quilting though.

      Also, I agree totally on the red on purple/blue. Plus some of the grey text for disappears into the background until it becomes dazzlingly red. I can’t change that without buying the premium package, so I am thinking I may have to go back to the plain background. Thanks for telling me!


  2. Love these placemats and such a great idea to do quilting practice on something that can be of use. Interesting about the binding because I just read today about the fake piping binding as you referenced on Ellyn’s Place. Having never heard of it suddenly I see it twice in one day. Think I will have to give it a go.


  3. I always say sewing is a life-long learning skill. That’s why I like teaching children. These are beautiful. How many more to go?


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