Two more done!

So with my one day of quilting before my next trip, I have finished two more placemats.  I am happy with the quilting, which was the original purpose of the placemats.  These two use serpentine and zigzag stitches, wavy organic lines, and matchstick quilting.  I am less than thrilled about the binding on one of them especially.  This time I used continuous binding, but started and finished in the corner using this tutorial. That worked great, so no more trying to join binding ends in the middle of the side.

IMG_4377My main problem with the first placemat was that there was a section I must have pressed oddly, so my piping ended up really wide for one section.  Trying to fix it after attaching the binding to the back of the quilt made things worse.  Then on top of that, I decided that rather than attempting to stitch in the ditch, which I am terrible at, I would stitch just to the side of the ditch. Unfortunately I was no more consistent with my stitching outside the ditch than in it, and I am not pleased with the binding overall.


The next one went better though.  I moved my needle over one notch to make the binding slightly narrower on the front and went back to stitching in the ditch, which while not perfect was better than my previous attempt.

Below I show some details of the quilting.  One more placemat to go.  The quilting on it is my favorite of the bunch, so I hope the binding is the best of the group.

Linking this up to my Finish Along 1st quarter goal list.



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  1. These are beautiful. I love your selection of colours, warm and comforting. I also like the combination of geometric and organic stitch lines.


  2. Love these! Practical and fun at the same time.


  3. I never thought quilting could be fun until I saw your post. I am going to try this!


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