Glimpses of Nepal. Today’s walk.



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  1. Nice colour. I love how you have displayed the photos here.


  2. Are you in Nepal right now? Terrific photos – thanks!


    • Yes! I am here for a meeting and was lucky to have a day to wander the city (Kathmandu). I should have some more pictures to share later. It is a fascinating and beautiful place!


      • Enjoy it all, Lori! Lived about 2,500 miles to the West for 22 years. Returned to the U.S. in 2004. Loved the travels, and the opportunity to see it all. But never made it to Nepal.


      • I am trying to work out where you lived! I have been living abroad continuously for the last 22 years, and was in China for 3 years before that as well, with a few years in the US in between. My work also takes me to quite a few countries. I was in Turkmenistan last spring, and Dubai…that’s got to be in the right range for your adventures.


  3. Getting warm! Left a note on Google+.


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