Glimpses of Nepal: Quilt Inspiration in Architecture

Nepal has a rich tradition of wood work.  Traditionally, doors and windows were decorated with intricate carvings (at least among the more well off), and pillars and supports as well.  The king would identify the best carvers and they would be asked to carve for royal buildings, but had to agree to never repeat the design anywhere else.   Unfortunately it is a tradition that is being lost.  It takes days to carve each piece, and new buildings are not made with that care or expense.  As you walk through Kathmandu, most buildings are plain concrete, but every so often you turn a corner and find older buildings covered in woodwork.  The carvings are often very dusty and the buildings in disrepair, but you can see their original elegance and intricacy beneath the dust.  In the temples and old palace buildings, you can see how they were intended to look.  I think there are many quilting designs to be found among the intricate layers of woodwork.  What do you think?

beddihng fluffersAnd here’s something else quilty from Nepal.  Any idea what these two gentlemen do with the machines they are holding?

They are quilt fluffers!  I am sure there is another term for this.  But Nepal is quite cold at night, especially in the mountains, so quilts are common.  These machines are used to restore the quilts that have become flattened with use to their original fluffiness.  Hmm, maybe I need to add that to my resume: Professional Quilt Fluffer.



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  1. There are way worse jobs aren’t there?! I’m sure those old tired buildings appreciate you taking notice of their beauty.

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  2. i’ve seen that in China too… and people sitting in the street fluffing up long and wide reams of cotton… ready to be stuffed into a quilt…


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