Plans Derailed

My plan to lure an unsuspecting minion into helping me baste two quilts has been derailed.

As I was organizing for the day, I realized that while I have one quilt back prepared, the second quilt does not have a quilt back yet.  Some time ago, someone shared they make their quilt backs from Ikea fabrics.  I looked online and found some great potential quilt backings, and decided that’s what I would do for my Nightmare quilt.  With that, my plan was set.  Backing was solved.  I forgot one tiny detail, however.  I actually had to go buy the fabric!

I have to be in Hong Kong on Monday, so this quilt will have to wait until then.  This is a bit unfortunate, because of the two quilts, the one without backing is the one I was more clear about how to quilt and perhaps more importantly, how to stabilize, since i am spray basting a throw-sized quilt for the first time and am still a bit nervous about fabrics shifting.

The top that is Tealsmissing backing is mainly done in blues, so I pulled out some fabrics to see if I could piece the back with what I have on hand.  I came up with this blue/teal/black set of fabrics.  Some of the fabrics came from a quilt I made many years ago, though the stripy fabric is one I have never used.  The fabric I have the most of is the bright teal solid.

Unfortunately, they are far too bright for the person I am making the quilt for, so I will have to wait until Monday to find appropriate backing.  The top is actually fairly bright itself, so I am thinking I need a backing that will be a bit more subdued, if possible.

While searching for batting, I also came across this set of mainly traditional Japanese woven fabrics that I bought a number of years ago in Japan.  They really need to be made into something beautiful.  I think I had something in mind when I bought them, but the idea is long gone. I will have to wait for new inspiration.

Some Japanese FabricsI did manage to successful spray-baste my second quilt. with the help of my surprisingly willing minion and some tips from The Snarky Quilter (thank you!).  Actually, with the spray basting, the entire process went very quickly and was more successful than my effort earlier this week.  I taped newspaper down on my floor, laid everything out on top of that, and avoided covering the apartment in basting spray.  Unfortunately DH (Dear Husband…or, on occasion, Damn Husband), did not agree to me leaving the entire entryway/dining/kitchen space covered in newspaper until I can buy backing for the other quilt.  His concern was not so much the visual impact of newspapers covering 1/4 of our living area as fear that the tape would stick to our wood floors.  I confidently assured him it was not an issue, as I had put down and repositioned the tape several times while laying out the newspaper, but he was unconvinced.  As it turned out, he was right and I needed to use rubbing alcohol to get remnants of glue off the floor.  My shopping list for Monday will now include masking tape.

I have tThread Boxhis set of threads as candidates for use on my quilt.  The quilt has a variety of purples, blues, greens and greys, many of them batiks.  I plan to spend the afternoon staring at the quilt and trying to come up with a good approach to quilting it.

4 thoughts on “Plans Derailed”

  1. Have a great day in Hong Kong! DH was right, in that masking tape is likely to leave some residue. What you want to look for is painter’s tape, which is designed to pull off wooden surfaces without leaving a trace it was ever there.

    In case they look at you at the store like you just landed from Mars, this is what we can get here:

    Notice the links at the top of the page to other color tapes, too. Good luck!


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