The Electric Quilt Moda Block Challenge

I am a big fan of the Electric Quilt Company’s EQ7 for quilt design.  I love to use it to try out different designs while I am planning my quilts, even if inVersatility the end I don’t always end up doing quite what I had designed. This month, the Electric Quilt Company has hosted a block design challenge using Moda’s Grey Haven fabric line.  You could use an original block design or an established one.  The only condition was that you use the Fresh Cut “Basic Grey” fabric collection (up to 2 adadditional solids allowed).  Here’s my entry, a block of my own design, which I have named “Versatility.”  It’s my first attempt at block design, and I have to say, I am rather pleased!

Though I love the Moda fabrics here, the block could easily be made using whatever scrap strips you have on hand.  What I really like though, is the diversity of layouts I was able to come up with.  Here are a couple of quilts that could be made using this block and just the Fresh Cut fabrics.


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