Random Musings and Plans: Another Step Forward?

Some of you may know that in January, I took part in Blogging 101 at WordPress’s ‘Blogging University‘.  Blogging 101 was the cause of most of the improvements (at least to my eyes) in my blog, including the addition of pages, widgets, and the like.  It also brought me many new blogging friends and excellent blogs to follow.  I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their blog, regardless of where your blog is hosted.

cropped-logoBecause my experience was so good, I have decided to take Blogging 201 as well, despite the fact that is called “Branding and Growth”  — a title that triggers a cascade of critical reactions that I hope to post about soon.  This means, in addition to whatever behind the scenes changes may occur, over the next 2 weeks you may see some posts directly related to the course.  This is the first of those as my first assignment is to decide on and publicize my goals.

I started this blog in large part because I live in a part of the world (Macau) without an established quilting community and I want to connect to and learn from quilters around the world, as well as share some of the inspirational and funny things I come across in my travels.  With that in mind, my goals are

  • To increase my number of followers from the current 47 to 150 by the end of the year.
  • From within that group, to interact regularly and substantially with at least 20 followers beyond likes and mutual admiration.  I’ll give myself until the end of the year to develop that level of interaction.
  • To post at least every 2 months on subjects outside of quilting.  Some of those posts might be substantive musings and others just funny experiences.  I am not yet sure if people enjoy these posts, but I am hoping they will!

Btw, my feature image is a hint to an upcoming post.

11 thoughts on “Random Musings and Plans: Another Step Forward?”

  1. Good Luck to You! Your goals are well defined.
    I will be taking 201 as well. I did not do a post on my goals . I have chosen to do that one on paper… and may post it at a later time.
    The feature image…. is a gorgeous blue and nice quilting! Can’t wait to see what you have done with this.

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  2. I love the international connection possible in blogland.And I so agree with your second goal. Likes and admiration do make me feel good, but the substantive connection, the thinking through things togethr–there is the real pleasure. Good luck on gaining your 20.

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  3. Best wishes for successful accomplishment of all three goals. Your website is looking terrific! The photos have provided glimpses into parts of the world many never have a chance to see in person. Thank you!

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  4. enjoyed your posts and went back to this particular one – I think your goals are excellent and look forward to reading more as this year progresses…

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