Work in Progress Wednesday!

Nightmare bastedIt’s time for Work in Progress Wednesday.  As I am traveling in the US, land of marvelous quilting supplies, I thought I would share the quilt I was working on right before I left, my Nightmare before Christmas quilt, which gave me quite a few challenges during the piecing phase.  I decide to forgo the border since the quilt was already quite large.

Circles, Revisited is covered in free motion quilting.  Nightmare will be mostly walking foot quilting.  I think.  Maybe.  At least the sashing will be done with a walking foot.  I am thinking of a small free motion Detail 3motif in the black sashing, and then something more striking in the large blocks…But something masculine (the quilt is a gift) that will  contrast with the sashing.  So far in the sashing, I have been playing with straight line quilting — varying spacing, adding some zigzags, and using a serpentine stitch in some of the areas.  I’m also starting to play with threads, using different threads in different areas.  As much as I love some of the classical quilts with each block stitched with the same motif, and the same regular pattern in each border, I find myself wanting to vary things in each block or sash.  I am trying to make sure there is enough consistency that the overall impression is one of regularity, but when you look closer, there is variation.

You may have noticed that the sash with the serpentine pattern has a line of straight stitching down the middle and be thinking, “Oh, that’s odd.  I wonder why she did that.”  Well, yes.  About that.  She did that because she forgot to switch her stitch back to a serpentine stitch after traveling in the ditch for a bit.  I stitched the entire line thinking, “Wow, it’s really easy to see how far I am from the other row of stitching this time.” I was almost at the end of the row when I realized I was straight stitching lol.  I may tear it out.  Or then again, I may just leave it in, to puzzle future quilt historians.

Linking this up to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and to Lorna at Let’s Bee Social.


Nightmare backing view
A glimpse of my backing fabric.


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  1. How lucky that the line of straight stitching is down the middle making it clearly a “design element.” I’d not rip it out!

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  2. I really like the gradated color effect, though I’m a bit confused about the direction of the bottom center half block. Another design element? Love the backing fabric as well. And I think it will be fun for the recipient to enjoy different quilting designs throughout it. If I need pointers about working with bias edges and partial seams I’ll contact you.

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    • Omg yes, I had forgotten about that “design element’. As I was making the blocks, I cut one strip set incorrectly and ended up with some that were going in the wrong direction, made another strip set to make another block…. And then cut that strip set incorrectly too! At which point, I decided I had had enough and that it would look fine as is lol.


  3. Dramatic designs, and beautifully made.

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  4. Wonderful! Agree with @Jacqui S. regarding the strong graphical nature of the design.
    I say continue with the stripes and straight lines – people with masculine tendencies tend to love stripes and straight lines…

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