The Mystery Revealed, as I wait for my award

The mystery location from my last post was the Naples Botanical Gardens in Naples, Florida.  It is an amazing space, with Reds-egardens with Brazilian, Caribbean, and Asian themes as well as more typical Florida vegetation and a water garden.  The statues were actually a temporary exhibit — the next exhibit will be dinosaurs! They also host gardening courses, concerts and other events, and there is a wonderful cafe as a bonus.  And who knew they would have such great quilt inspiration?  I highly recommend a visit, if you are in Southwest Florida.

What award am I waiting for, you may wonder.  At any moment now, I suspect the governor of Florida will be contacting me to give me a medal for single-handedly invigorating the economy of Florida.  While others in the quilt blogging world are talking about shopping their stash and vowing to not purchase fabric for months on end, I am expanding mine.  Because there are no quilt shops near me and shipping costs are outrageous, I make the moBlues-est of my trips to the US.  It is just possible I may have let things get a little bit out of hand…

When making my last quilt, I realized my stash was almost entirely out of black and completely out of white.  My purple/magentas have been almost used up, and I have visions of a quilt with greys.  And I can never resist batiks…I bought mostly 1/4 yard pieces, and some 1/2 yards, because I like to use a variety of fabrics in a color family.  And then there were threads…Maybe tomorrow I should go shop for another suitcase….



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  1. Great ‘ingredients’ here 😀

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  2. It’s a good thing we weren’t shopping together. I can see we’d only urge each other on to further feats of credit card use in quilt shops.


  3. Congratulations on your award. Keep up the good work! 😉


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