Quilt Book Review: Shape by Shape

Early in my quilting experience, I bought a fair number of quilting books, either to inspire me or to help me learn new techniques.    With my enforced extended absence from my sewing machine during this recent trip, I was inspired to pick up a few more and want to share a few of my finds. First up on the list is Shape by Shape by Angela Walters. If you are at all familiar with Angela Walters, you will know that she does detailed and elaborate quilting.  If you are not familiar with her, I suggest you head over to her quilting gallery. CirclesYou all know that I love to quilt my quilts to death and enjoy varying my quilting throughout the quilt.  I like the depth and richness it creates…or maybe I am just easily bored by repetition.  Shape by Shape is an amazing reference for someone like me.  Angela first introduces common shapes you find in quilts — circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, and hexagons — and for each shows a wide variety of designs that will fit those shapes and enhance them.  All of the designs are free motion friendly and most can be done without marking.  Even those that require marking generally require very little.  For each base design, she gives a detailed guide to how to quilt it, but then she adds suggested variations –shift your starting point, add a filler design in the center of space, add some lines, subtract some lines. There are both line drawings of the process and actual quilts for illustrations.  You’ll know where to start the design, how to move within the block and how to get yourself to the next block easily. After addressing quilt block shapes, she moves on to negative space in the quilt, again with 10 different approaches, each with variations.  Finally it is time for borders in the same pattern of base designs and variations. The is a great reference that I am sure I will be using quite often as I decide on quilting designs.  My only criticism of the book, diamond(this applies to the ebook format, not sure about the hard copy), is that the captions on the illustrations are in all caps.  I can’t help feeling I am getting shouted at.  But I am willing to be shouted at if it gives me access to such a wealth of possible designs.

Btw, some of you may have noticed that I now have link to my Instagram account.  Instagram is a bit of an experiment.  I do not use social media much, so I will see if this is something that enhances my blog and gives me a chance to share pictures that do not fit here.  Join me there and teach me how to Instagram!


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  1. I had to google about instagram….. LOL
    you can’t put a link under your pics back toyour blog BUT you use hash tags – # – so in your profile you put your blog link and then under your postings you put #bloglinkinprofile
    That’s about all I know – and put other hash tags i.e.: #quilting #art etc…….

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  2. I just got that book from the library and have had time only to look at the pictures; however, I can see from what you write that I. Must. Have. My . Own. Copy.

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