Home and Quilting

I made it home after my unreasonably long journey, and finally had a chance to get back to my sewing machine.  At 4 am.  Since jetlag had me awake, I figured I might a well get quilting.  I am happy to be home and back sewing!

Setting TrianglesI wanted to get the background quilting for my Nightmare quilt done this weekend.  I finished all of the central sashing, adding a few more variations of the kinds of lines and serpentines I was doing, but still have the corners and setting triangles to do.  I started repeating the same straight line quilting I had in the sashing in the setting triangles, but I realized the triangles are so large, it is not going to work.  My current plan is to do a strip of straight lines that is about the same width as the sashing and then add another design in the open triangle space that is left,maybe with a different thread.  It is tempting to quilt something fancy in those spaces, but I really want the focus of the quilt to be the main diamond blocks, so I want something that will give texture without drawing too much attention.

For the corners, I am planning to add the 3″ strip of straight line quilting, so it will repeat the effect of the sashing.  Once I have that done, I will see what I am inspired to do with the rest of the space.  Then it is on to the diamonds!

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  1. Good lord, your first stop was your quilting apparatus? I think a good long shower and my bed would have been my first stops. Yes, don’t use another color thread in your sashing. You could fill in some of the area between the lines with pebbles or some other design, but I think the same thread color would be best.

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  2. So jealous. My sewing machine misses me. I miss it. I am not a quilter but I love to sew. I am suffering withdrawals as I read your blog. Have enough fun for both of us. Let those creative juices flow. Today would have been a good day to sew, if I didn’t have so many commitments.

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  3. I feel the same way about my writing, I often can’t wait to get back to my story, even after a 14 hour shift. Glad you arrived home safely. I don’t quilt but love looking at your work. Its beautiful. I do have an old (really old) sewing machine sitting in the corner of my room. One day I’ll get it working and attempt quilting.

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  4. It looks lovely! I don’t know about you, but it’s always so nice to be able to go back home. Hope you get some more rest.

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  5. We had few warm weather days so I have been outside a lot, but it’s great to get back in my hut and do some crafting. I am working with shape too, extruding clay canes. I must get some pictures onto my blog! I enjoy the quality of your work. Thanks for sharing . 💛💙💜💜❤️

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