Adding some FMQ

After finishing the quilting in the setting triangles and corners of my Nightmare quilt, I started working on free motion quilting in the gradient blocks. I wanted to use the quilting to enhance the diamond shape of the block but was worried it might distract from the gradient effect.  Still, I couldn’t leave the blocks as lightly quilted as they were.

Here is one block with just the main motif in it, no FMQ.  The main motif shows more clearly in 2_23 Diamond motif closerthe lighter blocks, but I started adding free motion to the darker blocks first thinking it would be good practice before trying blocks where the quilting would show more clearly.

Below are the darker blocks that I have already quilted. It doesn’t really show at a distance, but I like it close up.  Maybe I should have gone with simple linear quilting given how little the quilting shows up…but I am rather addicted to free motion and the quilt already had lots of linear quilting!

Linking this up to Show and Tell Tuesday and to Linky Tuesday at Free Motion by the River.



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  1. Wow! So intricate and detailed. Love the colors!

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  2. You have done amazing quilting and the gradient blocks are beautiful!

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  3. You never cease to amaze!

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  4. I really like the texture you create with your quilting in the dark blue stripes. And I find your quilted diamond quite beautiful. I love that they are all different. It adds so much interest.

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  5. Perhaps the quilting on the dark blocks doesn’t show up so much from far, but close up, it’s awesome. And close up to quilts is the most fun.

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  6. My favorite block is shown in the bottom photo of the 2 small photos. I think it appeals because of the diagonal lines created.

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