A Scrappy Confession

Some secrets are hard to share.  You wonder how people will respond.  If they will reject you.  Will you still have friends once they know?  But the time is come for me to admit the truth.

I do not really love scrap quilts.

There I said it. I can only hope I will not immediately be banned from participation in quilty activities worldwide.

Now, I know there are some wonderful scrap quilts out there, and truth be told, I always like when a wide variety of fabrics are used in a quilt.  Plus I love the serendipitous combinations that result from not quite having enough of a particular fabric.  But for whatever reason, those scrap quilts that pull from scrap bags with every type and color of fabric rarely make my heart sing.  On the whole, I like my quilts to have a sense of controlled chaos.

2 12 inch squaresMy preference for controlled scrappy quilts has given me some trouble when it comes to using up the fabrics in my scrap bins.  I love the idea of a leader/ender project but just couldn’t seem to decide on a pattern I liked that I could imagine doing with my scraps.  But when Sara at Confessions of a Fabric Addict started her Sweet Sixteen Quilt Along, sharing a different layout of 16 patch blocks every week, I was confident I would come up with some way to make a dent in my pile of 2 1/2″ squares.  And sure enough, a modern layout inspired me.  Today I finalized the layout I wanted and started piecing.

I already had a pile of all-red  and all yellow four patches from an abandoned project from years ago, and those patches formed the basis of my layout.  Here’s what I have in mind.

Scrap quilt draft

What I love about this layout is I will use up scraps but also have plenty of space for free motion quilting.  But I am also very excited about what I am planning for the quilt back.  Here’s my idea for that.

Scrap quilt backThe proportions and overall size of the quilt aren’t quite right yet, so I will pull out a lap quilt I like to make sure I get something the right size.  I am not sure about the color for the background on the backing. I may go with white or black instead of grey.  And of course I do not have enough of any of those colors in one fabric to make the background for either the front or the back.  Block color will depend on how many 16 patches I can make with my existing scraps.  But I am excited about it and already have an idea about how to quilt it (one that will hopefully look good on both the front and back).  It should be interesting!

Linking up to Oh Scrap once it is Sunday in the US!

Quilting is more fun than Housework



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  1. I hear you about chaotic scrappy quilts. Someone called it scrap vomit. I do like controlled scrappy, though, where you organize your bits by color value. I think you’re wise to limit your color palette for your project. I’ll be looking for progress reports on this one.

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  2. Looks great to me! And no reason why one cant exert a little control with scraps. It’s your quilt. Make it how you want.

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  3. Great inspiration causes great creativity within you… sounds like a quote from some well known person… and artist perhaps??????
    I am so looking forward to seeing this quilt completed. It may be one of your favorites!!

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  4. Looks like great controlled chaos coming up!

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  5. I agree about controlled chaos. In all of my projects (scrappy or not) I tend to start with a clearly defined color palette. Once the color scheme works, the quilt is most likely going to be effective.

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  6. I think there is room for all of us in the quilting community, controlled or out of control! I have made both and love them for different reasons. I am definitely putting 16 patch blocks on my list, which is growing ever longer by the minute, of things I want to try!

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  7. I love what you are doing with your scraps. And your layouts for those scrappy color blocks are going to be fun. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

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  8. Oh oh oh, I love it!!! You’ve really made it your own – great job! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

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  9. Well, what can I say! I love your idea for quilt backing! And your quilt layout & colour combo is great! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. I think most ‘scrap’ quilts actually do have some sense of thought and control about them even in some small way, they are very different to simply ‘random’. Linda

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  10. Great plan. Looks like your quilt will be reversible.

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  11. I think this quilt is going to be great! I love scrap quilts myself, but more often than not, I need my scrap quilts to have a bit of control to their chaos. I think that’s why I often limit the color palettes in my scrappy quilts (usually something like this: http://mouseinmypocket.com/2014/06/extra-extra-communique-quilt-top-complete/ ), or try to stick to a certain theme/color palette within each of the blocks in my scrappy quilts, as I am for this week’s Project Quilting challenge. I can’t wait to see how these blocks come out.

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  12. LOL, I do understand. I didn’t like scrappy quilts at all until just a couple of years ago when I saw a Scrappy Depression Quilt. After that, I was hooked. But I do like planned colors and patterns better.

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