My March Goals

March is here, and it is time to set another goal for my Lovely Year of Finishes.  This month my goal is fairly easy — I’ll finish up my Nightmare quilt (in the header) that is just waiting for binding.  Or a bit more quilting and then binding if I decide to add quilting to the black sashing.  As for binding it, I just have to see if there are any new techniques I want to try out.  I am very interested in trying matched binding on a quilt, but sadly this particular quilt does not lend itself to that technique.  I will probably try to finish my binding by machine again.  I think I may have figured out one trick that will help me stitch properly in the ditch on the front of the quilt this time.  It seemed to be working on my last machine binding, so if it works this time, I’ll share it.  Fingers crossed.

Scrap quilt draftThis month’s ALYoF goal is clear, but this is my last project that is close to being finished.  I had better get some more tops in motion if I am going to have something to finish in April!  So, the plan is to finish the top and possibly backing of my 16-patch scrap quilt from the last post.  If I can finding decent background fabric, then it should be quite quick to finish the top and backing.  I have most of the 16 patches done already.

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