Work in Progress Wednesday: Sweet Sixteen Progress

yoshiko top 2Some of you may remember that after designing my Sweet Sixteen scrap quilt, I realized I did not have enough white or grey fabric for the backgrounds I envisioned on the front and back. After scrounging around the markets, I was able to find a white brushed maybe-cotton and a grey cotton-linen blend that would do the job.  Sadly, the shop I was went to was going out of business. It is located in a quite central location downtown, though it is a small one-room shop on a little alley between the wet market and the main square.  Rents here have gone sky high here, and theirs has leapt from the equivalent of 2250 USD/month to 5000 USD, so they are closing out their 30 year business.

My Sweet Sixteen top is quite simple, so it only took a few hours yesterday to put together.  The white they-claimed-it-is-cotton fabric feels wonderful against my skin but was quite hard to manage when it came to measuring and cutting.  It did not want to hold its shape when folded up for cutting, and the fact that I had 5 yards of the extra wide to manage fabric did not help!  But it all worked out and the top is much as I envisioned it.

yoshiko backing scrapsToday I hope to work on the backing.  I’ve changed the design, but I’ll wait to show it until it is put together.  Hopefully it won’t be long.

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  1. In The Netherlands happens the same with the rent of shops. The special shops of hard working people disappear and the store chains stay. It is a pity.
    I like the design and colors of the top. Glad you found your sfabrics.

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  2. Glad you were able to find some fabric. It must be a globally thing. It’s happening here in Australia too. The little shops are disappearing leaving us with the chain stores where you can’t find what you want and if you ask for help the staff don’t seem to know if they stock it. We need to support the little people more.

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  3. That’s really lovely! I confess, I like scrap quilts much more when they’re coordinated like this rather than a big pile of total random. Congrats on finding some suitable fabric, too; it sounds like your local options were pretty limited to begin with and are about to get worse. 😦

    You could always do a burn test on a scrap of fabric to see if it really is cotton – cotton smells like paper when it’s burnt and goes kind of ashy. Synthetics tend to melt and shrivel and smell plasticky, silk smells like burning hair or feathers. I kept reading about burn tests to determine fabric content and decided to try it myself so I’d know what to look for. It’s come in useful for checking some maybe-silk ties I’ve bought in charity shops (that proved to be polyester, but them’s the breaks). Of course, it helps if you can buy/beg a small scrap to test first before committing to yards of the stuff!

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    • I should really do that. I keep telling myself that old time quilts were made with whatever fabrics people used for other activities and I should not be so picky. But cotton really is much easier to work with!

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      • Heh, I know the feeling! I like the idea of multi-fabric crazy quilts, but I suspect I’m too much of a control freak (and too lazy!) to make one myself and have to bicker with assorted fabrics not playing nice with each other. Cotton’s great, I love it. :p

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  4. Any fabric is difficult to manage in 5 yard chunks, so softness next to skin may well be worth the aggravation.

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  5. springleafstudios March 16, 2015 — 1:49 am

    I love the overall design of your sweet sixteen. Great use of the negative space. Too bad about the shop closing. Good local quilt shops are hard to find.

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