Farewell, Sir Terry Pratchett


Terry took Death’s arm, and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.
The End.

A fond farewell to one of my favorite authors.  His creativity and quirky insight will be deeply missed.



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  1. I heard the news on the radio when I was driving home yesterday. Absolutely gutted, he’s been a favourite author of mine since I was a teenager. 😦

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  2. So true. He wore a hat like no other. Everyone afraid of death should read Mort.

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  3. His books were one of the few points I had in common with my son when he was a teenager. We both are addicted to bad word plays – like the scone of stone. And I loved Pratchett’s ability to send up less than wonderful human traits without sneering or nastiness. Your collection of his books looks well read.

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    • They are indeed. And that is only a small portion of the collection (which now has many ebooks as well). I always loved how Pratchett could write ridiculous, over the top characters and scenarios that somehow still are true at a very fundamental level.


  4. A great author and a great human, his stories inspired me in many ways, from my youth to my adult years. Your collection looks wonderful, I think I may dip into some discworld soon as it’s been a while. The man who gave us Rincewind, Captain Vimes, Tiffany Aching and the Librarian – he’s off on the great disc in the sky.

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