Sweet 16 Quilting Begun

I got my sweet 16 quilt basted on Saturday and spent a lot of time quilting it today.  It’s still mostly just the basic structural elements so that things won’t shift as I quilt, Sweet 16 quilting detailbut it is showing possibilities.  I accidentally put the backing on upside down (what should be the top of the backing is lined up with the bottom of the quilt top) but since I had some difficulty spray basting the quilt and had already quilted some lines before I realized it, I decided to just go with it.  It means the designs will not line up quite the way I envisioned it, but it looks like it will still be interesting, just in a different way.

I quilted from the front of the quilt to make a 1/4″ channel around the main design elements, then flipped the quilt over, switched my threads around and quilted around the design elements on the back, avoiding areas that fell within major designs on the front.  Then I went back to the front of the quilt and started on the red portion of the offset red 16 patch blocks.  I used free motion variable lines, with spirals and spiraled squares and triangles in occasional patches.  It doesn’t show up too strongly from the front, but you can see it well from the back.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to get a decent picture showing how the outlined blocks from the back show up on the white portion of the quilt front in the lighting today, but hopefully as the quilting progresses, I will get some better pictures.sweet 16 partially quilted back



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  1. What lovely work… I so enjoy looking at your quilting projects. My Momma quilted and she did lovely work as well. Happy Sunday!

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  2. Looking good so far. I’m a firm believer that happy accidents, putting the backing on back to front, or adding sugar instead of salt to a meal can sometimes turn out for the best. I love watching your projects develop. Also thank you for the links to how to start quilting hope to start my first project during the summer 🙂

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