Work In Progress Wednesday: Sweet 16 Scrap Quilt Progress

sweet 16 partial quilting 3The quilting is starting to take shape on my Sweet 16 double-sided quilt, and I actually got some pictures of it in better light.  In the sweet 16 blocks and the shadow blocks created by the 16 patches on the other side, I am doing dense quilting, but in the large negative spaces, my plan is to do looser free motion quilting that is inspired by some graffiti quilting I have seen, but is not so dense that the quilt becomes stiff.  I am thinking feathers, swirls, and other soft shapes to contrast with the more linear quilting in the 16 patches.

The shadow blocks were quilted on the reverse side, with the white thread in the bobbin, while the red blocks are quilted from the ‘front’ main side, with grey thread in the bobbin.  So far no real tension issues or thread clumps.

The design is a bit messier on the back where the blocks overlap but I am still hopeful it will work out reasonably well.

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  1. Very cool! Double-sided is such a great idea. I always think I should make my quilts reversible, but then once I have a top finished, I’m pretty anxious to get it finished. Maybe next time; you’re inspiring me!

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  2. Love the dense quilting and that it is two sided. That usually trips me up a bit with the quilting when I make a “second front” but you’ve got it happening with this quilt.

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    • I love pieced backs, but usually have made them very simple, with just a block or two, or an offset strip of fabrics from the front. This is the first attempt at the ‘second front, so we’ll see how well it goes..or doesn’t! lol Thanks for visiting!


  3. What a fabulous quilt! Love the quilting. It really is amazing!

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  4. Maybe you should make some game pieces and quilted dice for your quilt so you could turn it into a giant tic tac toe, to be played on both sides. You’d get different points for landing on say, a spiral quilted area than on a vertically quilted area.

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  5. That looks great. Seems like sooooo much work, you obviously love it!

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  6. Your quilt looks great! Love the shadow blocks and there is nothing better than a two sided quilt 🙂 I too am a lover of dense quilting. Have you tried using a wool or poly bat? They do not get as stiff with the heavier quilting. I love wool, it’s pretty much all I use now.

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    • I tried wool batt for a wall hanging and loved it, but I have limited batting choices here. There are poly battings available, but they are very think and I did not like the effect of using them at all. I would love to be able to get wool batt. What kind of poly batting do you use?


      • Quilter’s Dream 80/20 is pretty good – it is 80@ cotton but has just a little extra poof and it quilts beautifully. Quilters Dream also has a poly batting that is not as poofy – they have several and it runs from reasonable thickness to super duper poofy. The kind you use if you have a wonky top that needs some taming. . . not that that has ever happened to me before 😉

        Wanted to let you know that I have received a response to a comment you made on Leanne’s (She Can Quilt) blog. I have tried to find your email address so I could let her know I am not you and give her your email address 🙂 my email address is You have actually left a comment on my blog as well but you show up as a no reply blogger – this is a problem with blogger not playing nice with WordPress. An ongoing annoying issue for which I do not think there is a fix short of leaving your email address in your comment.

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      • Oh! Funny that you are quiltmusings@gmail! The Blogger-wordpress relationship is rather fraught and frustrating. Thanks for telling me. I use phoenix6822@gmail for my email. And thanks for the batting insight!


  7. This will be interesting – I am always thinking of doing a double sided quilt, but always chicken out. One of these days I will be very brave and quilt from the back. I really love the red blocks.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

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  8. I love the mix of quilting designs you’ve used so far … and look forward to seeing more.

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  9. What a great project! Your quilting is lovely.

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  10. Looks like you have a lot f fun with the free motion quilting. It looks beautiful so far. I will come back to admire the finished quilt.

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  11. Awesome quilt. Great idea. Good luck!

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