Goals, Goals, Goals Everywhere!

It is goal setting time for both A Lovely Year of Finishes and the second quarter of the 2015 Finish Along.  When I joined the Finish Along in January, I had quite a few WIPs that could be finished up relatively quickly.  Now I am having a harder time coming up with goals I think I can finish!  Here are my plans though:

Sweet 16 quilting right side1.  My Sweet 16 scrap quilt.  This one is a sure thing.  The quilting is done, and I want to give it as a gift in April, so I had better have it ready in the next couple weeks.  This one will also be my April Lovely Year of Finishes goal.

Thread sampler base
Base for the Thread Sampler

2. Lori at The Inbox Jaunt had a great free motion mystery quilt along earlier this year that turned into a cute thread sampler.  I started the quilt, but my schedule and obsession with finishing other quilts meant I never got beyond the framework for the thread displays.  I am actually quite eager to finish this one up, because it will be a great thread reference.

Okay.  This is where things start to get a bit more iffy.

3.  For ages I have wanted to make a variation of Kaffe Faussett’s Diamond quilt in batiks, and have been setting aside batiks that could make their way into the quilt.  The pile is quite large now and I had better get going on the quilt!

Fabric for Goals 3 and 44.  I also want to use my favorite batiks to try something along the lines of this quilt.  I am going to draw from the same pile of batiks.  It should be quite an easy quilt to make…

Now I am really reaching….

Rattlesnake blocks5.  Years, YEARS ago, I started a Karen K. Stone quilt.  I was inspired by her wild use of color and pattern and the intricate beauty of her designs.  I chose Rattlesnake because it looked a bit simpler than some of the other quilts in her book, and I had never tried paper piecing.  Maybe I will be able to to finish this quilt up in the 2nd quarter…though I think 3rd or 4th is more likely!

6.  A version of Icy Waters from Paper-Pieced Modern.  It is listed in the book as one of the more complicated quilts, and I am not experienced in paper piecing.  I am hoping it is marked as difficult because there are a lot of unique blocks.  Individually the blocks look fairly simple, so hopefully I can manage it.

7.  Finally, I have a secret gift for a friend. I won’t show this one until it is done.   I have most of the fabrics chosen and have a design…this should really be higher on my priority list but I am not very confident that I can get the effect that I want…

8.  A modern whole-cloth quilt with a variety of intersecting circles.  I think I actually had this on my Q1 goal list.  Right at this moment I am not feeling particularly inspired to work on it, but most of my other goals do not look like they will really show off quilting, so I need at least one quilting-heavy goal on my list!

Eight goals for 3 months..I think those should keep me busy!

18 thoughts on “Goals, Goals, Goals Everywhere!”

  1. Re: #6 – that’s exactly why it’s listed as more complicated! The blocks themselves are not difficult to piece, but there’s a lot of organization needed 🙂

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  2. Coo, good luck with those! You have some really fab projects there. (Is it me, or does that one with the curves look like lots of pointed teeth?) The Ice Waters one looks interesting; I noticed when I looked at it that the basic block is always the same, it’s just done with different colours and rotated different ways to give the shattered effect. So I suspect it won’t be that bad to do (sez she who’s never paper-pieced anything in her life…!)

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    1. I agree, lots of pointed teeth! I am alternating between thinking it will be a very cool quilt and wondering what I was thinking when I chose the fabrics lol. And I am keeping my fingers crossed on the Icy Waters quilt!

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  3. Good luck with your projects, I might start my first quilt this quarter. I managed to get my vintage sewing machine working this week and I think it still has a quilting attachment. I am always inspired by your quilts. I like the idea of having a nice quilt to curl up under while writing. Just got to work out where to start. 🙂

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  4. Icy Waters would indeed be striking. I think the key will be staying organized and labeling everything, especially which way is up. Personally I find paper piecing a lot easier than FMQ. You just have to remember you’ll need more fabric than you think for each piece. Those angles eat up fabric.

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    1. If I end up following the design exactly (and this seems like a time it would be worthwhile to), I am thinking it might be easier to piece a row worth of blocks and then sew them together right away. I have a set of block labels that I think will come in quite handy!


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