I have not gotten a whole lot of quilting done since Tuesday, but as you can see from the feature pic here on this post, I did spend some time playing with Text Masks in Pic Monkey.  I new skill learned!  Kind of lol.  You may also have noticed I changed the blog header.  I wanted something a bit more spring-like than my previous header (though that one may come back when the weather gets colder again).  I created a few headers and have them rotating right now, basically because I can’t decide which one I want right now.

As far as quilting, I got a few more blocks done for my diamond quilt.  Here’s a look at what I managed since Wednesday.  You can see two blocks with the same fabric.  The stripes are shadows from the blinds!  I am trying to make sure I don’t make the same block twice so I’m choosing very different fabrics for the borders.  In the star layout, two of the blocks look quite similar, but in person the central fabrics are quite distinct colors.  I guess my ‘white paper’ technique does not solve all the photo color issues!  I will need to learn a few more tricks.

Linking this up to Can I Get A Whoop Whoop, once it opens and I get internet.



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  1. Love the new header very classy, and featured photo which seems to say – look in here, there’s something interesting inside…..

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  2. Thanks for the heads up about Pic Monkey. I’ll have to play with it as the effect looks cool. And your diamonds are looking sharp (ha, ha.)

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