Some of My Quilts are Finding Homes (in Japan)

I’m in Japan this week, visiting my son and the friends he has made while here doing a period of community service before starting college.  It’s been an amazing opportunity for him.  He’s been working with youth and children, improving his Japanese, and getting to know Japan for the last 6 months.  He’s met wonderful people who have been incredibly kind to him, and learned quite a lot through community service.  I brought a few quilts to give to people who he has been especially close to.

My Kaleidoscope Paths quilt found a home with a lovely family that has been incredibly kind and generous with my son.  They have a beautiful traditional farm home surrounded by persimmons trees and grape vines.  Sadly I didn’t get many pictures as it was gloomy and rainy when I got there and we had so much fun talking that it was completely dark by the time I thought to take pictures.

Kaleidoscope gifted

Piano TeacherMy son is unfortunate to come from a family with few musical talents, but while in Japan he met a lovely piano teacher who took him under her wing and attempted to make up for our neglect.  Her very affectionate yorkie served as a substitute for our Shiba, who my son was missing quite a bit.  In addition, she made sure he was well fed after every piano lesson, something very appreciated by teenage boys!  She received the small wall hanging I made during a Diane Gaudynski class.

Substitute pupHis host family also received a quilt, but we didn’t get a picture!  My son promises to send a picture with everyone in it, so hopefully I will have a record soon.  When I first started making quilts, I gave many away without thinking to take pictures of the quilt or the recipient.  I am hoping to change that.

I hope to have a few pictures from Japan over the next several days.  The feature post is a bit of a teaser.  Any guesses what it is?



Youth group
One of the youth groups my son is working with.








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  1. Such a wonderful opportunity to visit your son, his friends, and one of the youth groups – Thank you! You had a wonderful gift for his friends. I love that kaleidoscope quilt.

    My guess about The Mystery: The tips shimmering in the sun suggest D…D…Diamonds!

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  2. Since I read your posts out of order I know what’s shown in your header photo. I think it looks like a painted warp that’s been threaded on a loom.

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  3. What a lovely heartwarming post. A fantastic experience for your son and such a blessing for you to go visit him. The quilts are such thoughtful gifts, and very generous of you.

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