Kyoto: More Bits and Pieces

One of the things we did in Kyoto was to take a traditional pottery class.  It was great fun!  If the chance ever arises, that’s a hobby I would love to pick up.  Those are our rather misshapen cups.  They will glaze and fire them and ship them off to us, so we should get them in 2-3 weeks.  Hopefully in one piece.  Or rather, two wholes.

And a few shots from around Kyoto. I love the old buildings and particularly the roofs, which always say Japan to me.

The people you see in kimonos are primarily tourists.  One of the activities you can do in Kyoto is to rent a traditional kimono and accessories for the day.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the men’s ones.  They are quite beautiful (though in a manly way ;)).  Later this week I’ll post a few pictures of the maiko, or geishas-in-training.  They wear colorful and elaborate kimonos and the social dynamics are quite interesting.

A word about the bright pink umbrella.  If you look closely, you’ll see a subtle pattern on one section of the umbrella.  That  pattern appears only where the umbrella is wet.  Pretty clever!



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  1. Pretty! I like the umbrella. I want to go to Japan someday, Kyoto nad Akihabara. Inspiration overload!

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  2. Thanks for those pics – a reminder of some beautiful time we spent in Kyoto.

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  3. The umbrella is indeed cunning – you can see the world through rose colored fabric. However, I’m in love with that manhole cover (?) with what looks like a turtle in the middle.

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  4. Love the photos…the roof tops are fabulous. To wear a kimono and be in Japan…would be such a neat experience. Thank You For Sharing!

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  5. As you can tell I’m having a good look around your travel glimpses and enjoying your beautiful photographs!

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