Finally Quilting Again

I don’t have many pictures, but I am home and back to quilting.  Or rather piecing, though I have actual quilting planned for next week.  I love how easily I can make these blocks.  A little bit of time yesterday got me about 8 more blocks.  Here are some of the more recent ones.

More blocks

I have also been playing with doing something other than the standard Kaffe Fassett-style layout.  Here are some of the ideas I have been playing with.   Do you find any appealing?

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  1. These blocks are really beautiful! For the layouts, I particularly like the center image in the middle row and the center image in the bottom row.

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  2. I like the two bottom middle versions the best!

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  3. I like the idea of going asymmetrical with your layout, but let me ask what use you think you’ll put this quilt to. That could affect the layout you choose. If it’s used on a bed you don’t want all those lovely blocks hanging off the edges out of sight.

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    • It will probably just be a lap quilt. That’s what I use most of my quilts for. Making them big enough to drape off the bed makes them harder to quilt, I’ve done it before…but unless I really want a new bed quilt I think lap quilt more manageable.


  4. Top right and bottom middle both appeal to me. I like the “raindrop” effect with some grouped–so I like these better than the one with all single columns. I especially like the accent and motion you get with the placement of the bright reds in the bottom middle one.

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  5. Visiting from Let’s Bee Social. I love the ones that seem to be dripping diamonds. Bottom middle is my favorite.

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  6. I also like the top right and bottom middle patterns something about the way the pattern drapes downwards. Love seeing your work its so inspiring.


  7. I like the centre image and do prefer the blue background, I bet it will look stunning whatever you decide!

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  8. Love the center one in the middle! Fabulous.:)

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  9. Love the top right layout! Looks like the diamonds are falling. Neat effect!

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  10. It’s fun to see someone shake up their Kaffe! I like the top right and those beautiful blocks look great against the blue.

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  11. Love the different layouts. My favorite is the one with three columns.

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  12. 5th one down is my favorite! Oh how exciting it must feel to start a new quilt!

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  13. The top right is my favorite, it looks like dangling earrings. I think it would look good on black background.

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