Work in Progress Wednesday

I think I may just have let things get a bit out of hand.  I now have 41 diamonds and an additional 4 partially-pieced diamonds, and 6 inner diamonds waiting for borders, and possibly another few blocks or partial blocks hiding by the sewing machine.  Or on the kitchen peninsula cutting table.  Or on the dining room table designated temporary storage area. If I go with one of my designs from last week’s post, I may just end up with 2 quilts.  Not necessarily a bad thing!

block stack long blurWhen I started this quilt, I cut one or two diamonds from each of the fabrics I had pulled for the quilt, and then I started cutting strips for the borders around the diamonds.  I did not cut strips from everything (mainly because I got tired of cutting and was not sure how many strips I would need), so at this stage I have a small pile of diamonds left to piece and some odd strips that may or may not be long enough for a full border.  I am pretty sure I will have to cut additional strips, but I want to use the ones I have cut first.  This may push me into some fabric combinations I would not otherwise have gone with, which is a good thing.

beautiful fabricOnce I have all my diamonds pieced, I will pull out potential background fabrics and start playing with layouts.  I like how the blocks with red borders have turned out.  I think they will add a bit of sparkle to the quilt. I have another couple in progress, including one or two using this fabric from my stash that I really love. A block would probably show it off more than using it as a border on a block, but it would not fit in this quilt.  Luckily I have some more fabric left and I will be able to use it in something else…though since I started with a fat quarter, I do not have all that much left.

Linking this up to Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social.  It’s always fun to see what everyone is up to!



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  1. OooOooo… the diamonds in the pictures for this post would make a splendiferous ‘Mardi Gras Quilt’ 🙂 ?

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  2. I’m in awe of quilters and their patience. Piece by piece, you know your creation will grow. I’m glad to see your work in progress. These diamonds are beautiful. I think those are batiks, and they almost appear to have a shimmer. Love your bold color combos!

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  3. These will be a beautiful quilt (or two)! I love your blog header picture! Great picture!

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  4. This is coming along beautifully!

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  5. Love your confident use of batiks! Had you thought of using two of your layout ideas from last week’s post – one on the front and one on the back? That way, you’d have a two-in-one quilt and also use up all of your diamonds!

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  6. Oh the colors!! I love them!

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  7. Wonderful! Two quilts sounds great – and you get to keep one. Look forward to the finished quilts, and their terrific colors!

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