Work In Progress Wednesday (Brought to you on Thursday)

It has been a particularly busy month here.  I have been away 7 of the last 14 days, and for 11 of the 13 before that…Needless to say, sewing has been limited.  However, I now have a pile of 51 finished bordered diamond blocks:

stack of blocks 2 orion

A pile of leftover strips calling to be used in something:


And a pile of odd triangles that would probably make a great wonky star quilt.

Triangles 2

…And I have no background fabric in sufficient quantities for the layouts I had in mind.

It is really frustrating.  I am half tempted to just do the Kaffe layout so that I don’t need to think about background fabric.  On my trip to the US this summer, I think I am going to have to completely fill my suitcase with solid yardage.  After searching through my entire stash, I did finally come up with two pieces of fabric that while not what I had in mind, might work if I modify the layouts.  Here’s a quick proof-of-concept shot, just using whichever blocks were on top of the pile.

Possible Layout

The idea would be to start with one color background fabric and play with the color of the blocks so that they initially contrast with the background, but then have the background fabric color become either the block center or outline, then move to the next background fabric to make it look like the color moves from purple to blue across the quilt.  I am not sure if I have enough appropriate blocks to get the effect that is in my mind, and I am not quite sure I will have enough of the background fabric either. I have 1-2 yards of each.  But at least I know the two background fabrics are Fossil Ferns. However, they only have the fossil fern number of them (both are labeled 528 but without the extension that indicates color).  Would love ot know the thinking behind that decision as it certainly makes it a bit difficult to order online….

Did I mention I am also getting tired of the color scheme?  I think it is the frustration of not having the fabrics I need in any form of easily available.  If I don’t get re-inspired, this project may need to go in a box for a bit.

Linking this up to Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social, where I am sure there will be lots of great inspiration available.

13 thoughts on “Work In Progress Wednesday (Brought to you on Thursday)”

  1. I think the colors are absolutely beautiful and I love the concept o the quilt. But then blues are among my favorite colors. I can understand getting tired of colors used often. Your work is very inspiring to me.

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      1. I can understand that. When you think of all the huge variety and selection it does seem like we should take advantage of all of it. I love many other palettes that I see as well.

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  2. I often get frustrated when I have to interrupt a project especially when those interruptions are not due to needing to mull over the project. Could you perhapts leave the diamonds for a little while; make a quick project in different colours and fabrics that you have already had in your mind wanting to make and then come back with fresh eyes. It sounds to me that you are tired after your travelling and feel you have to get on with this. It is possibly not the best frame of mind to take decissions. Give yourself a break J

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  3. It is usually best to let it rest for a while, and come back to the project to do what I like to call a “Cold Eyes Review” – just what you mention, fresh eyes. Your heavy travel and schedule, plus frustration, probably should be left behind by doing something you can finish in short order – a mug rug, perhaps? 🙂

    I looked on the Benartex website, and was not able to come even close to matching the background fabric. It is surprising the selvage does not reveal the color number. The one on the left could be Midnight (528-8), and the one on the right might be…hmmm. Hard to tell.

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  4. Depending on how many of your diamonds have light centers, you could end up with a background that preempts your foreground in color intensity. That may be the effect you want, diamonds popping in and out of focus. It will probably mean a very deeply colored quilt. All I can suggest before you cut up your background fabric is to take more photos and try tiling them to get an overall effect. (I don’t know if I’m describing the right technique, but essentially you take one photo and make multiple copies of it, placed next to each other.) Do remove it from your gaze for a day or so to revisit it with fresh eyes. And I’m going to look at my fossil fern fabric for a color number.

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    1. Thank you. It is a good idea to take a variety of pictures and of course to really go through the various blocks to see if there is a combination that will give the effect I am thinking of (or a different, better one). For now I will take a few days away from it and see how I feel about it.


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