Geese Take Flight: Work in Progress Wednesday. On Wednesday Even!

quilt1Isn’t that a great picture?  Curtis, a very amusing writer living on the tiny island of Mayotte , had an interesting contest in his blog, The Journey of a Blogvelist.  He posted a picture and had us guessing where the picture was.  Luckily he added clues and one of the clue pictures helped me identify it as somewhere in my neck of the woods.  My guess of Kashgar, Xinjiang, China turned out to be the closest.  As a reward, he made me this modification of the original picture.  Very cool!  I definitely encourage you to check out his blog.  There’s always something interesting to read. Pile of Geese

After my frustration and discouragement about my bordered diamond quilt, I put all my diamonds away on a shelf, to be taken out again when the weather is colder and I have purchased yardage in several potential background fabrics.  In the meantime, I decided I wanted something light to play with, something that definitely did not require large pieces of background fabric.  I had a fat quarter bundle of Doe fabrics that I love, and I decided to combine them with a few other fabrics I have in my stash to make a quilt featuring flying geese.  It is a nice change from the dark and intense palettes I have been working with!

After a a solid day piecing yesterday and a a little bit of piecing today, I have enough fabric cut for about half the quilt,  a stack of geese, and some bonus half square triangles.  Maybe they will make a nice mini- quilt or can be used on the back of my flying geese quilt.

Linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social.  And don’t forget to enter your quilts in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  The entry period is almost done, and voting starts the 22nd.



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  1. Lovely fabrics, and I love a flying goose, so you can’t really go wrong with this one. Sometimes a bit of play is good for the soul.

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  2. Good to see you moving on to something different for a while. Nice, clean and bright and you’ll have fun with those bonus HST. I love having some HST and 4-patches in a box to take out and have a play with when I’m not getting on with a project. Not having to make anything specific sometimes make you come up with an idea you would never have thought of without simply shuffling those “building blocks” around. Can’t wait to see where those Flying Geese take you.

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  3. I can’t wait to see where this goes! I have been hoarding a fat quarter stack of Architextures and keep telling myself that I am not allowed to buy Doe until I use it. We’ll see how long I last 🙂

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  4. Always love looking at your projects. I see you decided to put the diamonds away… but will get out on another day!

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  5. Good decision! I look forward to completion of this one – and hope you will have lots of time to immerse yourself in sewing and forgetting the intense diamonds, until their time comes 🙂

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  6. I love the fabric and the flying geese pattern too. Looking forward to see more of this quilt soon.

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