This Time, It’s Owls

More owlsIt’s been a busy week here in Lake Wobegon Macau.  I got back from a wonderful trip to Suzhou, where had a lovely time with Debbie from Spaceship China, as well as having quite a productive work weekend.  (A picture from Suzhou to come soon).  Then after I got home, my son came back from his stay in Japan, so I have been enjoying his company and the visit of his friend who are home from college.  Though I am preparing for another trip next week, there has been some quilting.  My flying geese are done, I have laid out the blocks to my satisfaction, and they are now in piles waiting to be sewn together.   What I am going to show for today, though is my thread sampler.  I actually don’t have that many threads, so I think I am done with it until I expand my thread collection.  Probably a good thing if I am to have any hope of finishing it this month and meeting my Lovely Year of Finishes May Goal.

I’ve added a block with rayon thread, one in mono-filament, one in silk, and one with RazzleGlittery owl Dazzle thread.  For the razzle dazzle thread, I loaded it into the bobbin and quilted from the back of the block.  It was actually quite easy to use, but I had trouble burying the thread.  You can see a lump of thread where I made the attempt and it did not go well.  I am definitely going to have to figure that part out before I can use it on anything else.

On the whole what I have learned so far in this sampler

1.  Is that it is infinitely easier to get the tension right with Aurifil and Masterpiece thread, and in the future 99 times out of 100, I am going to match either the top thread or the top itself.  The tension on many of my owls is terrible, and I am very glad this is just a sampler piece.

2.  Rayon did not look as different as I expected it to look in the quilt, despite looking quite shiny and distinctive on the spool.

3.  Silk is quite fine and nice for very intricate quilting where you will be moving over the same line multiple times, but it is better to match the fabric closely because it looks too thin when contrasting with the fabric.

4.  Bobbin quilting isn’t too difficult…assuming I learn to bury the threads effectively.

Linking up to Free Motion Mavericks, Confessions of A Fabric Addict, and Show Off Saturday.  Don’t forget to take a look at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and vote for your favorites in various categories.  There are some amazing quilts there.



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  1. The owls’ googlie eyes are so funny! I can see why you chose them to test threads – there’s traveling over the same line, direction changes, and points. I am vaguely familiar with quilting by bobbin, and I think you should definitely give it another try; the razzle dazzle thread really shows the owl best.

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  2. I must learn about this technique. Never heard about it, but it sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing – the owls look great!

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  3. These owls are such fun, and the ones with bad tension just look as though their feathers are a bit fluffed up. This sampler has been great in showing how to make a technical exercise enjoyable.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

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