Geese Still Flying

I’m having a lot of fun with my flying geese.  The colors are so light and airy compared to my recent quilts.  I have five columns sewn, my design is coming together, and I am especially pleased with how my geese are looking.  My first attempt — and come to think about it, my only previous attempt — at flying geese was in the quilt below, made early on in my quilting life.  It’s a bit fuzzy, but I think you can see, the geese left a lot to be desired!  I’m pretty sure those geese were all supposed to be the same size!  And lined up in a straight line!

Log cabin

Here are my current geese for comparison.  What do you say, think there is a bit of improvement in my piecing skills?

I’m happy to have this ready for Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social and will link it up once the parties start.


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  1. If you’ve changed your method of making geese, it could make your work more accurate. Paper piecing your geese will do that, too. Then, there’s the whole pressing issue. Whatever, I’m glad you’re getting your geese in a row.

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  2. It’s interesting to look back and see how our skills are improving isn’t it. I love your new project. I’ve been collecting the same fabrics for a similar kind of project. They work well as little accent pieces, don’t they.

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    • It is really fun to look back and see both the improvement of skills and the changes in taste. I had never really paid attention to designer until I found the Doe line. Definitely one of my favorite fabric lines by one of my favorite designs. Good luck with your project!


  3. That fabric line is so great. I’ve picked up a sampling of it myself. Yeah for flying geese.

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  4. Your progress looks fabulous! I have gotten better at making flying geese, but there are still improvements to be had for sure. Still waiting to find the method that works best for me.

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  5. What a fun quilt!! I love flying geese. Thanks for your visit to my blog…Binding blitzing around here!!

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  6. Wow, the fabric fits perfectly to geese flight pattern. It looks beautiful! I better don’t comment your first quilt as I have never tried to do geese on my own 🙂

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  7. I just love the neutrals you chose in that new quilt. 🙂

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