Work is in Progress 6/3/15

orphan blocks
Some orphan blocks.

Before I left on my trip to Japan, I had worked out a great system for sewing together the columns for my Flying Geese quilt so they would not get out of order and seams would, for the most part, be pressed so they would nest with the next column’s blocks.  It was simple chain piecing, nothing complicated, but it wove in blocks from the next column so I always had a block under my presser foot, and was effectively sewing two columns at once.  I left with 5 columns of blocks sewn together, the sixth well under way, and a single pair of blocks sewn together from the 7th column. The rest of column 7 was neatly stacked next to my sewing machine, and the blocks for 8 and 9 were stacked and ordered on the floor of my bedroom.  All family members had been warned that anything that got those blocks out of their ordered piles would be universally recognized by quilters everywhere as a cause for justifiable homicide.

I got home to find my blocks still in order, though the column 7 pile seemed somewhat out of place.  No matter, I began sewing happily, finished columns 6 and 7, and sewed them together, only to find that somehow in my short time away, either the blocks had gotten out of order, or I had lost something of my piecing system.  The blocks in the 7th column did not line up as intended.  My design was completely off.  I spent the next hour separating the two columns and figuring out exactly where I had gone wrong so that I could fix the mistake with minimal ripping.

Lesson 1: Even if you have a great system, before you start sewing columns or rows together, double check to make sure the columns themselves are correctly sewn!

Actually, that wasn’t Lesson 1.  Lesson 1 was:

Don’t do this.

OopsOr alternatively:  Don’t cut the bonus half square triangles off your geese mindlessly. 

Eventually I got back on track, and I now have a recognizable quilt top.  It is quite different from things I have done recently and I like it quite a bit.  Dear Son is a bit less enthusiastic.  “Mom, what’s with the triangles going in all over?  Why is that one all by itself in the corner?”  It’s okay.  It’s my quilt not his, and I already have a lot of ideas for how to quilt it.  I think I will call it, ‘Which Way Do I Go?’ because that is a question that has certainly been in my mind recently.

completed top 2Linking up to Let’s Bee Social, Sew Cute Tuesday, and Work In Progress Wednesday.  Check out the link, I am sure there are a lot of great quilts underway.



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  1. I had the shock of recognition when I saw the fabrics you used. I’m working with some of them as well. And flying geese are such fun to play with, once you get them pointed the right way in the piecing.

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    • I love the Doe line and I have quite a few of them in there. It is the first time I have worked with an entire set of fabrics from one line, something I have mixed feelings about. Look forward to seeing what you are doing with them.


  2. I like your geese flying into each other – makes perfect sense to me there is one doing its own thing!

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  3. Cute geese and a perfect name for your quilt. Looks great! And I think we’ve all made that cutting mistake. That’s the signal that it’s time for a nap! 🙂

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  4. Little Black Cat Quilting June 4, 2015 — 8:39 am

    Lol, the name fits this quilt perfectly!! And your son sounds like my husband; I crocheted a hedgehog a couple of years ago and his first question was “Why?”…so of course, my response was, “Why not?” Hahaha

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  5. Love this ! Awesome design

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  6. The geese are placed just perfect. All of them! I love the colors so much. They are so bright. Excellent job!

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  7. It looks great- I love the wandering. and I think every quilter has been failed by their system at some point. I once got a row backwards and didn’t realize until the entire quilt top was assembled 😦

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  8. Hello…I cannot express the beauty of your quilts. Pictures are gorgeous! As such, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogging Award. Please visit my post of June 4, 2015 for details. Congratulations! And, please keep up the glorious designs! Lovely!

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