Some Progress on the Geese

Life has taken some unexpected turns lately, and my Which Way Do I Go quilt seems even more appropriate than before.  Sadly due to all that unanticipated change, not as much progress has been made as I had hoped.  Still, some progress is being made.

Spiraled squares and ghost geese

Spiral SquareThough my love is free motion quilting, I thought this quilt called for straight lines.  Usually I am able to give the quilt a framework by quilting in the ditch or outline major shapes, then FMQ in shapes created.  This quilt has not lent itself to that, and I am finding my vision of lines bouncing off shapes and other lines harder to execute than I anticipated.   Because of the orientation of the various geese, it looks more like I have quilted diagonal lines across the quilt than the spiral squares and other shapes I have struggled to create.    Plus, I am having to turn the quilt quite frequently, which is not fun at all.  In the sections where I have not had to do much turning, I am struggling to stay awake and my ‘straight’ lines reflect my occasional mental nodding off.

My original idea was to add FMQ in the flying geese, but looking at it now, it might be better to leave the geese largely unquilted so they pop out from the background.  I also intended to have a number of ghost geese to bounce lines off of, but Intersecting Linesagain, with all the turning required, it is not much fun and the effect is not as clear as I had hoped for.  It’s times like this I am tempted to try ruler quilting.  When Bernina releases theirs, I may buy it and a ruler or two and see what I think of it.  For this quilt, I may just leave the geese in the places I have already done them, and not add any more.

Despite all this, the quilt inspector is quite happy with the quilt.  He feels it is idea for rolling around on.

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  1. It’s looking good so far, just keep plugging away. I find too much concentration quilting hurts my eyes after a while so short burst seem to work better for me. Looks like you will end up with a great result.

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  2. That quilt is wonderful!

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  3. I think it’s great. I agree that turning the quilt is a pain. I started using rulers several months ago. There’s a small learning curve, but I find myself using them a lot now. But I definitely enjoy FMQ more than ruler work!

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  4. Saw your work recently was rather in awe of your quilting and i really like geese as well! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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  5. Looks great so far! Keep at it. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

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