Some Method in the Madness

I am at the stage in this quilt where I am spending more time staring at it and thinking about what to do next than actually quilting it.  However, I am starting to figure out how to get the effect that I want, or at least some of it.   Up until now I have been using a beautiful soft yellow thread from Aurifil that blends surprisingly well across all the background fabrics.  I think I am going to start throwing in some other colors to add some contrast and bring out the quilting in different areas.

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  1. This is looking really good, and I’m learning a lot about planning quilting just by looking at your quilts and reading about your thought process. Thanks for the suggestions you left on my blog. You showed up as “no reply” so I thought I’d respond this way. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Are you considering other thread colors because you’re running out of the yellow or because you’re bored with the yellow? It’s hard to tell how much you’ve already quilted, but I’d caution against too strong a thread color contrast if you change colors, based on mistakes I’ve made. The background fabrics have lovely delicate lines that ask to shine. You may get the contrast you want by continuing to change up the quilting lines.

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    • I agree a strong colors would not work well in this quilt, and I don’t want the quilting to overpower the quilt. I will definitely run out of the yellow I am using before the quilt is done, but the thread change was more to give some subtle definition to the different shapes. I have two other soft but slightly different yellows and a soft grey that I am planning to try, so the colors should still blend but hopefully give a slightly different sheen to the different shapes. Of course, at the rate I am going now, I may just be able to buy more of the same yellow on my trip to the US this summer! Or the adjacent aurifil yellows…

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  3. It is looking beautiful. Sometimes I think planning the quilting is more fun than the actual quilting. I hope you are enjoying the process. 🙂

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  4. It looks wonderful! I spend a lot time figuring out how to quilt mine too. Have fun with the planning 🙂


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  5. I am SO happy to know that I am not the only one that can spend more time staring and trying to figure out what to do next than quilting! It is looking fabulous!

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