Wednesday with the Quilt Inspector

In that way of jetlag and 11 hour meetings, I am a bit uncertain of the date and time, but I am pretty sure it is Wednesday somewhere.  Since I did not manage too much progress since my last Which Way Do I Go post, I am upping the cuteness factor by giving the Quilt Inspector the prominence that he tells me he deserves.

Before I left on this trip I had my quilt laid out of the floor so I could decide where the next set of lines should be placed and then I got distracted for a bit. I came back to this:

So Comfy

The Quilt Inspector assures me the quilt is perfectly useable as is and there is no reason to fuss about additional quilting.

Despite his assurances, I did start playing with thread color just a bit.  I quilted one section with a very light blue Superior Masterpiece thread that blends in to the quilt amazingly well…possibly so well that there is no point in changing threads!

You can see the section I quilted below.  Although the angle of the photo  and some photo editing creates shadows that show up the quilting quite well in the photos, overwhelming the effect of the thread change, when the quilt is looked at head on in person, I think the slight change in color does make the motifs more visible.  Clearly the effect is quite subtle.  In the close up, the lower right diagonal lines are quilted in yellow and the rest are quilted in blue.  I am planning to do free motion quilting in the triangles created by the linear quilting…unless of course I change my mind!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt, I like the placement of the flying geese in the grid. And your dog is adorable!

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  2. Cuteness plus. My quilt inspector is always test my quilts through each stage, just to make sure they stay cuddly I think. It is the block rearranging that bugs me when she thinks her ideas are better than mine. Your quilt is stunning I look forward to seeing it finished.

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  3. I have a half-Rott, half-husky mix dog whose face and coloring is just like yours! 🙂 He’s in full shed right now though…blowing out his undercoat so I don’t think I want him to inspect my quilts this month, lol!

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    • I know all about that shedding. This one certainly does his share, but my old dog was a Norwegian Elkhound, and I swear we could make two other dogs with the fur she shed each season! I tell the Quilt Inspector that we are going to use his fur to make a new and improved model 😉


  4. The cuteness factor has definitely been upped! What an adorable inspector and a gorgeous work in progress! Love the quilting and the modern effect. It is such a compliment to the design and fabrics you chose.

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  5. Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting, and that dog is adorable!

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  6. Gahhh! Too much cuteness! 🙂 beautiful quilt!

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  7. Great quilt in progress! My dogs always love my finishes and almost finishes too!

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  8. I really like this quilt! Your quilt inspector is cute, too.

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  9. The quilt inspector looks wise…and comfortable. The quilt looks great too 🙂

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  10. Sweet pic of the pup, made me smile 😀

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