Where in the World is…

..not Carmen Sandiego, but QuiltMusings?

Curtis at Journey of a Blogvelist does a fun Pic’n’ Post feature where he shares a picture and you have to guess where it is from.  I can be slightly obsessive about such puzzles and have really enjoyed trying to figure them out.  I’ve even won a few!  Since I am far from my sewing machine and unable to provide any quilting updates, I thought I would post some pictures and see if anyone else enjoys this kind of game.  If there is a good response, I may even make it a regular feature.

So, where am I now?  Any guesses?  Here are a few more pictures, one of which might give you another clue to at least the general part of the world.



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  1. Turkey???

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  2. I believe that is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Close?

    Enjoy your visit!

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  3. What a fun game! Istanbul??


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  4. Hmm, mosque, women very covered up on a beach, big body of water. Somewhere on the Black Sea?

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