You Got It! Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey

SunsetIstanbul, Turkey!  Cheeky Patch guessed Turkey within seconds of my posting, and Al had Istanbul figured out not long after that.  Now I know why Curtis chooses such obscure places and oddly angled pictures.

The mosque wasn’t the famous Blue Mosque as Al suggested, but a local one in Büyükçekmece, a municipality of Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara.  It is a gorgeous area.  If you look at the picture in the header, there is a actually a walking path all the way along the beach up until the point…it may even extend further, but I did not make it quite far enough to tell, despite walking for an hour or more on several evenings.  It is a beautiful area, and there were people walking, swimming and picnicking at all hours.  The kind of street snack food for sale in carts included roast corn, baked potatoes, and oysters.  And ice cream of all sorts.  Though I will pass on the oysters, the corn and potatoes are a much more appealing snack food for me than things like corn dogs and cotton candy!  And who can say no to ice cream?  It was a work trip for me, and while wonderful in its own right, it did not involve much exploring of the city.  The seaside walk was a perfect way to relax after long days of meetings.

I got home from my trip Sunday night.  Things are quite hectic as my son leaves for the US (and college!) on Sunday, and there is quite a lot to be organized before he goes.  College doesn’t actually start until September, but since he won’t be back home before it starts, we have to have everything he intends to take with him decided.  It’s not like he can just come home for a weekend or holiday and pick up something he has forgotten.

I did get some quilting on my flying geese quilt in today, but I’ll save that progress to share tomorrow.  In the meantime, just to get a bit of quilt-related content in, here is a picture of how I made my bonus triangles from the flying geese blocks.  After sewing the first square on to the rectangle, I press it back, then sew with my walking foot right along the seam.  The folded fabric makes a great guide, and my walking foot puts the second seam exactly at 1/2″, so it is easy to cut the bonus triangles off to use later.


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  1. Wonderful! Glad I was this close -><. It is wonderful you had a little time to enjoy Turkey.

    It is always sad to send off one of our own, but a wonderful growth opportunity for them. I am sure he will do great! What region of the U.S. will he attend school?


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  2. Thank you! Best wishes to him. A plus is that he will be North of the lake, and hopefully lake-effect snow won’t be as bad. But the weather will still be a factor in the Winter.

    Sending my best wishes for success in college!

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  3. Lucky you – Istanbul is one of my most favourite cities. I like your mix of quilts and travel a lot. Thanks also for your comment on my blog. I’d reply by email but you are a no-reply blogger. If you would like direct communication, just let me have an email address 🙂

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