Work in Progress Wednesday: 6/24/15

Work in Progress Wednesday

Despite how hectic it has been trying to get everything necessary done before my son leaves for the US, I have had some chance to work on my flying geese quilt  I’ve added a third thread color, a somewhat darker yellow.  You can see the dark yellow in the spiraling triangle in the left hand picture and in the wonky grid under the Quilt Inspector’s paw.  Apparently he thought I was trying various angles because I was missing my main subject matter — him.  The grid is actually made from the darker yellow thread that is running in vertical lines in the picture and a light blue thread running horizontally.  The fabric is is one of the lightest and plainest in in the quilt, so both threads show up more than on other fabrics.  I wasn’t entirely sure when I started that section, but I think I like the effect.  I also like the zig zag created by the quilting in the picture on the bottom.  I need to figure out how to quilt the sections around it so it does not get lost.

There are still quite a lot of unquilted areas left.  Most of those, if not all, should be quilted by the time I am finished with the quilt, but I am basically quilting sections as I get a clear idea what I want.  That leads to a lot of oddly shaped sections at this stage.  With all I have left to do, there is no way this quilt is getting finished this month!  It looks like it will remain a work in progress for some time.  All the more reason to link up to Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social.


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  1. Oh this is stunning, do you have a long arm or are you quilting on a domestic machine? Either way it’s brilliant. I have a bundle of Doe that I’m hoarding for something special – but no idea what yet!

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  2. I am totally in love with this quilt…it’s awesome! Congratulations.

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  3. I love this quilt! and your quilting is such fun…can not wait to see what you quilt next! so enjoy your blog

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  4. I think the Quilt Inspector needs to learn to quilt rather than just editorialize. And sometimes quilts have long gestation periods. Often I find my ideas evolve as I mull over choices, and the finished product is better than it would have been if I had hurried up.

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  5. I like this very much. I like the mix of the beautiful Doe fabrics with others, I really, really like your quilting – it will be interesting to see once it’s all done. Looking good!

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  6. So far so good! I also start quilting with one idea and let others develop. Makes for a lot of awkward starts and stops though. I wonder about small pebbles against the zig zag.Seems the curvy contrast as well as texture might emphasize the zig zag.

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  7. What a wonderful quilt and such lovely fabric choices. (Your little helper/supervisor is just adorable!) Good luck with finishing!

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  8. Little Black Cat Quilting June 25, 2015 — 11:18 am

    Your quilt inspector is quite the cutie! And lovely quilting! Your fabric choices are stunning too. All around, I like everything about this wip! Lol.

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  9. You do know how much fun I have looking at your quilts… works in progress and finished projects as well. But I especially enjoyed the pup! What a cutie! 😀 😀 😀

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