Work Has Progressed!

I finally had a day I could spend quilting today, and progress has been made!  I had largely finished the walking foot quilting, except for a few spots I thought I might be able to FMQ (in hindsight, that does not look like a good idea!).  This meant I could start on the triangles.  For each, I am stitching in the ditch first, then free motion quilting inside the triangles.  I really should call it “stitching in the proximity of the ditch” since I seem to be out of the ditch almost as much as in it.  Does anyone else have basic quilt skills they can’t seem to master?

My original idea was to use round and flowing motifs in the triangles to contrast with the straight lines and angles in the rest of the quilt, but the fabrics themselves are often quite angular and graphic so the rounded and flowing motifs don’t always seem to fit.  It is quite a challenge coming up with motifs for some of the fabrics..  Here’s some what I have so far:

Quilted Geese - Copy

Some of the motifs have not turned out very well at all, and others are completely lost in the fabrics, and others I quite like.   I had thought to fill the areas around the geese with horizontal matchstick quilting, but I really like how it turns out on the back with no quilting except for in the triangles.  What do you think?

From the Back - CopyI am happy to have something to show for  Let’s Bee Social, This quilt was actually my June goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes…and if I had just 2 more days, I think I would make it.  Unfortunately, I’ll soon be heading off for a summer trip, so I’ll miss this month’s finishing party.  It’s the first one I have missed!  Still, it is great to be on the free motion portion of this quilt.



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  1. I’m loving your neutral palette, and your quilting is awesome!

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  2. Unbelievably beautiful. I was talking about my blog on anxiety and think this quilt would be so soothing to both work on and cuddle with.

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  3. Personally, I say forget SID. If you’re going to be stitching, make it show. You could follow the triangles 1/4 inch away or do a gentle curve out from the corner and then back to the other corner, kind of like a shallow scallop.

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  4. Love the geese, they look great. The matchstick quilting almost looks like tucks in heirloom sewing–cool! Oh, on the SID, I have less trouble with it when my pieced seams are pressed to one side rather than pressed open, but you probably already do that. Other than that, I just hope for the best and try to ignore the occasional SOD.

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  5. Speaking straight from the horses mouth, I would say you are way too hard on yourself. While you probably see all the deficiencies, I think your quilting is wonderful. Stitching in the ditch can be difficult but once you get all the other stitching in, it will be hard to see those little mishaps. Lovely quilt and quilting!

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  6. I love the way you have treated this quilt and how you have learnt a lot along the way. I think we sometimes forget that even though we may not be in love with every single bit we have quilted we need to look at the bigger picture. Once we can do that we can really enjoy ourselves. Great quilt!

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  7. This looks so beautiful! Your stitching is not getting lost… I love it and would proudly display it in a heart beat! Happy Fourth of July!

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  8. Wow, your quilting is just turning this quilt into something extra, extra special. And personally I love how it looks on the back with just the triangles quilted.

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  9. It’s beautiful! I love the back of the flying geese too and I wouldn’t quilt around them and keep them as they are 🙂 Love the colours in your quilt.

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  10. All the restrained prints and muted colours make this a really restful quilt. The free quilting is perfect because it is restricted just to small areas and is understated. I love this quilt!

    Thank you for linking up the Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

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