A Post by the Quilt Inspector

Mom left her main computer here when she headed off on her mysterious journey, and I discovered that the nice people over at the Daily Prompt encouraged everyone to write a letter to their mother.  I don’t know where she’s gone off to but I figure she will see my letter if I post it on her blog.

Dear Mom,

You know I am the best dog ever, and I have your best interests at heart.  You’ve been neglecting your quilting duties lately.  I know you almost finished Which Way Do I Go, but there have been no quilts for me to inspect since then.  What’s a quilt inspector to do without quilts to inspect?!  I have been doing my best to be useful.

You know how I really don’t like stormy weather?  I think I have found the perfect place for all of us to get away from the noise.  See?

Is thatOkay, wait.  How’s this?  Can you see me now?

There you are

Maybe it is a bit small for you, but I am sure you will fit if you try.

When My Favorite Boy was packing, I tried to be very helpful.  It seems that getting ready for college involves lots of stuffing things in suitcases.

Should that all go in there
Are you sure that should all go in there?

Once he put everything in, I gave it a through inspection.  Suitcase inspection is not nearly as fun as quilt inspecting.  Maybe you need to make a space for me inside?

packing supervision

I also inspected the car!  I like the car.  I am happy to give it regular inspections.  Do you think you can teach me to drive?

 Car Ride!

But none of those things are as fun as inspecting quilts.  Can you please come home soon and get back to making quilts for me to inspect?

Your favorite,

The Quilt Inspector

The unhappy quilt inspector

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