Stash Sunday

Though I have been in hiding blog-wise, and quilting has been impossible, I have not forgotten quilting altogether.  I have diligently been working on expanding my stash!  Some of it has been sent directly to Macau, but I do have some here to take out and admire.

Here are some of the goodies I picked up from Gotham Quilts.  They are from the Handcrafted line by Allison Glass.  I had never really been aware of different fabric designers until I started seeing the Doe line by Carolyn Friedlander. and she became my first ‘favorite fabric designer’.  Now I think I have another.  I can’t wait to use these fabrics in a quilt!

Handcrafted 2

Linking this up to Stash Sunday with Molli Sparkles.



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  1. I love your stash!!! I followed you in Bloglovin’ and saved this post into a Sunday Stash collection. I hope to look at your blog down the road and see something amazing made with this Handcrafted line. Take care, Mary.

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