More Stash Additions and Design Dilemmas

My quilt-related mission on this trip was to fill in some gaps in my fabric stash.  I was out or almost out of blacks, whites, and greys, so I needed to restock on those.  But since I love the variation in visual texture that a variety of low-volume fabrics gives to quilt and love to use a variety of fabrics in a single colorway to give depth and variation, I have mostly gotten smaller cuts of fabric in a variety of prints (including more of a bunch of Doe fabrics that I used in my Which Way Do I Go quilt).

Here are a few more of the fabrics I got this trip.  Again, Gotham Quilts was my fabric source — I love their fabric selections and bundles!   The fabrics below are mainly from their Metallic Neutral Yarn Dye Bundle and the Traffic Bundle, plus Parallels in Black and White (from Erin McMorris’s Distrikt line),

I love the low volume and neutral prints I have gotten (and there is at least one or two more posts coming that will show off my stash additions!).  At the same time, though, I love to quilt my quilts to death.   Quilting adds a layer of design that can transform a quilt, but it shows up so much better on solids and near-solids.  Plus, I am forever coming up with a design and finding I don’t really have enough of a single fabric to make a border or background.

I probably need a large volume of solids or near-solid blenders in my fabric stash in a selection of colors, so that I have some for whatever project comes up.  I did buy some solids in black, grey, white, eggplant and teal, since those are colors I like to use, but when faced with the near infinite variation of solids available, I tend to freeze and find myself not buying anything.  Do you have large cuts of fabric you always keep on hand?  Prints or solids?  What colors?   And how much do you buy?  I would love to hear how other people manage their stash!

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4 thoughts on “More Stash Additions and Design Dilemmas”

  1. I have thought and thought about my own stash and can never quite get it right. I tend to buy more large pieces of cream than anything else, but I always run out anyway! Most everything I buy is fatquarters or occasionally half yards because I want to make sure and have scrappy quilts. If I only have smallish pieces of fabric then I will make do and add other fabrics. The problem is that like you, I never have enough of anything for backgrounds and borders unless I piece or scrap things together, which I like! It’s a challenge for sure.:)

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  2. I always have about half a bolt of muslin- good quality and I I keep about 5 yards of a solid black as well. I buy half yard, 1 yard, and if I love a fabric I may buy 2 yards. Over the years I have built up a large stash and as it has aged, I find myself giving away mostly prints I bought and no longer love. I fell in love with (back in the day) the moda marble fabrics..and so as that type of fabric continued to remain popular I have bought variations over the years. The wave of solids come back has been wonderful, and I try and keep a range of solids in my favorite colors now.
    I still will pull a focus fabric or strong print from my stash and shop a bit to fill in with the go withs to make what I want in the quilt I chose. I will buy jelly rolls or charm packs on occasion. I now find myself reviewing my stash and have decided it needs to be overhauled again. That will be this winter’s big project.

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    1. I think I also need to keep a few key colors like black and white in larger quantities. I find I also have some fabrics that I continue to love even if they are no longer fashionable (batiks) and others that I now wonder why I ever bought. One of my projects coming up is to use up all the hideous fabrics somehow!


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