Binding Underway!

Binding in processAfter arriving back home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I spent the rest of the day finishing the quilting on Which Way Do I Go, trying to recover from lack of sleep, and nursing the toe I broke two days before I left the US (seriously bad timing — I had to manage 2 suitcases on a trip that included train, plane and boat!).  On Wednesday, I hobbled off to officially start my new job at Hong Hong University.  It’s a little bit overwhelming and I am struggling to come up with a system to manage all the different things I need to get done, but I suspect that is all part of the adjustment.  I am dealing with the periodic rushes of panic by alternating prep work for the university with binding Which Way Do I Go.

Binding has never been my favorite part of making a quilt, and that has not Bindingchanged!  I have gone with an all-machine binding with the hope that practice will make perfect.  I had the binding all ready to go before I left for the US in July, so all I had to do was start sewing.  In fact, I discovered I had almost entirely forgotten how to do corners! Hopefully I will still be satisfied with the results.

I’m limiting my quilt pictures to just a few of the binding and quilt back.  I’ll save pictures of the top (which you have seen multiple times already!) until everything is done.  Instead I’ll share a few pictures of my new work environment.  Hong Kong University is located in the heart of an extremely modern city, but there some buildings that hearken back to an earlier time in Hong Kong’s history.  The density of highrise buildings makes it hard to capture the campus, but as I get to know it better, hopefully I will have more pictures to share .  Despite the urban environment, there is quite a lot of green to enjoy.  Just take a look at the view from my office!

Linking up to Can I Get A Whoop Whoop.  I am glad to finally have something to share!



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  1. You will do well with the machine binding – fret not!

    I am sorry to hear about breaking your toe – at the worst possible time! I hope it will heal fast!!!

    Hong Kong is amazing. But I remember the landings as something extraordinary, every single time. Your surroundings are amazing, as is the greenery. Enjoy the view! I look forward to more photos of your surroundings, and your life in Hong Kong, but also the commute.

    And your quilting, of course! This one will be a beauty!

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  2. From your office view I gather you must be a BFD at your new job. Have you moved to Hong Kong? I may have missed that episode of your globe trotting. And I’m so impressed with all that’s going on in your life you still sit down and bind a quilt. Yeah, it’s not exactly the funnest part.

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  3. Hi there! Just popping over from my Throwback Thursday link-up! I’m looking forward to seeing what you link-up on September 3rd!

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  4. Hi! HK must be a fascinating place to live! What do you do at the University? Do you teach? Love the quilt – well done with the machine binding, I am trying to do more of that myself as a time-saver. I hope your toe is healed soon, not a great spot to have a breakage, must be uncomfortable!

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  5. Just catching up… Congratulations on the new job!

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