Where’s the Inspiration Wednesday?

I am not feeling very inspired in my quilting this week.  The combination of attention to the new job and a pick up in some other activities has left little energy for quilting, and I think the pillow project may just isn’t getting my creative juices flowing.  So far, what I have done is walk by my table of scraps and leftover geese a lot and occasionally move scraps around lol.  The actual piecing I have accomplished is pretty limited!

My original thought was to make 3 different pillows with the leftover flying geese as the centerpiece, as much as possible using only the scraps I have from my Which Way Do I Go quilt.  I think the lack of inspiration is partly that as much as I love the fabrics, they aren’t really the best choice for showing off quilting, especially when put together rather randomly to use up scraps.  Plus, having spent the last few months of my quilting time looking at the fabrics, I am being pulled to use some of the seductively new fabrics I brought back from the US.  I actually have a few I think will work with my Karen K. Stone WIP and I am excited to try them out.  Maybe this weekend.

For my geese, I may just put them together and make them into a little wall hanging/table runner rather than making the pillows.  I am currently rather attracted to the layout below, though it would need some more scraps to enlarge it.  Or maybe I will put it all in a box and wait for further inspiration.  Linking this up to Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social in the hope of finding further inspiration.

arrangement of geese



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  1. No harm in putting them in a box till you get more to add to them or another idea. I’d say go with the energy, and it seems to be in the new fabrics. (What a surprise. 🙂 )

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  2. I do love the fabrics. But I’m also uninspired, so I know what you mean, and I’m not able to give any advice!

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  3. I suggest letting your scraps marinate a bit. After all, a future project may generate more scraps that will work great with these. Sometimes you need the excitement of a new project to reward yourself. And you have been working hard.

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  4. Turn them into a giant hotpad using that layout. Nothing wrong with just letting them sit either.

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