I still live!

As some of you may remember (if there is anyone who remembers this blog at all!), in August I started a new job teaching at the University of Hong Kong.  While a quiet month to get used to the new job would have been ideal, the fates had quite a different month in mind.  In September, I spent a total of 7 full days at home, and no more than 2 days at a time consecutively.  One scheduled working weekend turned into 4 trips, with commuting to and from Hong Kong in between.  As you can imagine, no quilting got done at all!  In fact, my sewing machine is practically buried in a combination of fabric I had taken out when quilting still seemed in reach, and letters, papers, and other ‘stuff’ that have piled up because I have not had a chance to deal with them.

The quilt inspector was not pleased with my absences.

But even though the month has been insanely busy and next week will still be very busy, I am really enjoying teaching and the new environment of the university.  Plus, the rest of the month looks to be quite calm and I am beginning to think quilting may just be a possibility.  While I make no promises, I am hoping to be both quilting and blogging soon.  I hope you have not completely forgotten me!

Though I have not been quilting, I have been taking note of some quilt inspiration.  Here’s a few pictures from the past month — some quilting inspiration, a birthday (mine), and some of the beauty of Hong Kong and Beijing.

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