Throwback Thursday

A blogging drought, followed by two posts on the same day!  But I came across Throwback Thursday by A Quarter Inch from the Edge in August, and loved the idea — post a picture of one of your old quilts and share some of your ‘never again!’ quilting insights.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join up in August or September.  Browsing quilt blogs after posting my ‘i’m back’ post, I found it was Throwback Thursday once again.  Luckily this month I already had a picture ready.  I think this was my first quilt ever.  When I learned quilting, I learned by making a pot holder by hand.  This was the first real quilt, again done by hand.

First quilt

Look at all those calicos!  There are still remaining bits of calicos (maybe even some of those same fabrics!) in my stash, but my, oh my, how my tastes have changed!  And look at the size of the binding!  It could be another border!

What I find interesting is the quilting itself.  Clearly my penchant for dense quilting was already there…but I had no idea you also had to quilt the border!  To me, the quilting was all about design..and only about design.  I do think there may have been quilting in the ditch between the borders…but I am not entirely sure!  Luckily I figured that bit out before I made too many quilts.

Detail throwbackThis quilt no longer graces my walls, and no longer fits my tastes, but I think it was a sign of things to come in terms of quilting style.  And quite fun to look back at.  How do you feel about your early quilts?



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  1. I love seeing first quilts. We all seem to start from a place of ignorance (unquilted borders, etc), but we delight in the process and forge ahead, learning as we go. I’ve looked at your more recent quilts and it is interesting to see how your taste for dense quilting is still evident even though your tastes have changed. (I really like the texture of your flying geese quilt.) I recognize the fabric in your red border–I have some of that in navy. In fact, it’s in a quilt on my bed! I keep wondering what to do with all the old calicos in my stash. I haven’t worked up the nerve to put them into some kind of string or scrap quilt. I think they’d still scream calico, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come? I also like looking at some of the older quilts and reimagining them with modern fabrics or solids. There’s so much more variety now. Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

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  3. Some of my early ones make me cringe. But we learn don’t we. great quilting!!!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your first quilt.All that quilting is amazing. I also lacked in border quilting at times. I have one of my earlier quilts still hanging on the wall in our living room. It is a version of Delectable Mountains. It is made from a rather different line of fabrics from the 90’s. Kind of ombre earth tones. I am amazed at some early quilts and look at how nice I did on the getting the points just right. And today sometimes it can be a real chore to keep all the points. I am revisiting some of those older ‘calicos” from my stash to make a Single Wedding Ring quilt. I had seen some made with a sort of vintage feel to them so these fabrics worked for that purpose.

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